Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Inner spirit or soul:What is this to you?

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Inner spirit or Soul : What is this to you?

Some people think that the earth is the outer world and that the soul is the inner world.What has made you feel that this is true? Can you tell that this world is not a part of the physical world? How?



readmereadyou said...

What if I told you that I think the physical and spiritual world coexist? I do. I think God is everywhere, as are all spiritual beings. The soul to me is the part of me that I hope joins God after death. I know God is there....too long to discuss. One of your commenters the other day used my name and said something about me being so sure there was a God.....with disdain. If only that person knew how many times in my life God has shown himself in so many spiritual ways, he'd never say a word. Why he picked me to quote, I don't know.

sugar1337 said...

I believe in the concepts of a soul/spirit.  I think all living things have that spiritual essence in them.  I think all living things are inter-related.  As far as when you die sort of soul concept, well that is really a long complicated discussion...but I believe the Goddess keeps things at peace and fills the world with love.  :)

gehi6 said...