Thursday, November 16, 2006

Game Strategies

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Game Strategies

Brenda leaned over the railing on the porch and gazed out in the yard... what had the coach said? what?...she searched her mind ... Caoch had gone to a new set of seminars; bent on incorporating a new , more evolved training system for the two teams of boys in the school.

She sighed...He said that the boys had to"own" the

court; that they had to" do it for the team" and that the team's success depended upon them stretching themselves as far as they deemed possible. He said that if it meant sacrificing important events, they did that. He said also that if "you weren't in good enough shape, get there"...

she sighed...She had watched her son perform a near miracle when he attempted to capture the ball and then deliver a basket at the other end... she sighed... but another boy had pinged it off him at the last minute, and her son then failed to give himself credit for his hard work... One of the coaches had walked over and said "It's tried your best".. but with all of this pressure in the air and his young age, what if he didn't make Varsity???Would his chances for a social life and for fun change? He did not have to make it this year; it was just that the practices and what they said got the boys so invested in it...

and she heard that it did not favor well for a student if he got injured or felt ill...

she sighed... where was the release for her son from the stresses of school?


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