Monday, September 17, 2007

China Spends Big time for Olympics

The Week
September , 2007
China is spending hundreds of millions to construct buildings to house and showcase the upcoming Olympics!
Most, including me, have not the cash to attend...
I'm just curious..would you go? Are you interested?
Let us know!

Baby Einstein: Results were Varied

Baby Einstein touted itself as a way to educate a baby while in utero!(in the mother).
I was interested to read that studies had proven otherwise.
(APA August).
I am curious: is this what you expected? Or did you think babies in the womb could develop bigger and more brilliant minds before birth?
uhh....just curious!
Let me know what you think!

You Are Still here!

I have struggled
and you guys cared!
I had an unexpected death
and funeral,
my teen's captain
got a skull fracture
and we had another friend
through all my trouble
you guys
are still here!
Thank you!