Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Prom in the Hopsital

Monday, May 26, 2008
Jeffrey Kahn, the founder of Smiles knows what it is like to be a parent to a very ill child.
In 1988 when his child was stricken with leukemia the founded Smiles to bring sunshine and cheer to those children in hospitals for long term illnesses.
Kahn's organization organized a wonderful prom, complete with feather boas, tiaras, and prom outfits for girls and small tuxes for boys! :):)
Kahn's organization believes that feeling better helps people to recover from life threatening illnesses. Some parents attend the dance.
Smiles also organizes ice cream weeks in the hospital.
Tell us what you think fo the work that they do and do you agree that feeling better at such events helps patients to recover faster? Pleas leave your comments. Thanks!

Does Special Ed Fit in Kindergarten?

Monday May 26, 2008

Does Special Ed Fit in Kindergartens?

In Florida  a kindergarten polled her kindergartners ; asking them to tell everyone in teh class what they did not like about Alex, a child who suffers from Asperges Syndrome.
( Alex thought that this meant;" tell Alex what we hate about him".
The children voted by majority vote according to this teacher to have Alex expelled.
He was dismissed. He and his mother appeared on the news. She's devastated by the message. She's pursu9ng legal action.
What do you think about this?Do you think Alex needed a special education teacher possibly?
Please comment. thanks! nat

Sydney Pollack Passed Away: One Great Man Dies

May 27, 2008

Sydney Pollack Passed Away
Pollack has produced great movies and he was known as a natural actor and a genius film producer.His movies included: Three Days of the Condor, Out of Africa, They Shoot Horses Don't They, The Way we Were Electric Horseman and Tootsie.
He was directing great talent, such as:Barbara Streisand, Robert r4edford, and Paul Newman, just to mention a few.
I hope you have enjoyed some of his films; or that you will rent them.
Please tell us what films you enjoyed.
My favorites were: Out of Africa, Tootsie, and Three Days of the Condor.
You can also leave condolences
My deepest condolences to his family and friends. he was a very great man , yet modest ; with a huge sense of humor..My heart oes out to his family and friends.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Ben Stiller/ Expelled

CNN Newsroom, May 26,2008
Ben Stiller /Expelled
Ben Stiller produced a film about our best universities and how we should check them out. Apparently, our esteemed economist , writer, actor and producer was appalled by the lack of open mindedness to be found in such institutions when it came to individual
theories concerning life and the nature of the universe.
I think that this is a huge concern.
Stiller is a man of some intellect and his father was too.
Stiller thinks that we should pursue more nuclear energy and gas extraction from coal.
Apparently gas extraction from coal was used to support Germany during World War Two. It would appear our military is used this science.
What do you think of Stiller's comments?
He mentions too that Congress approved hugs subsidies for corn for energy purposed but that this is not working at all. Ethanol costs more to make than we can get out of it. It makes our food increasingly more expensive.
Next year Congress will try to double the amount of this subsidy!
Does anyone want to comment on that?
On top of everything else Stiller is soooo funny!:)

Harrison Ford and Conservation.org

Harrison Ford is in a cute add! In the add, Ford lets an assistant apply a sticky patch to his hairy chest!:):)
Then, she pulls in off rapidly; resulting in Ford saying:"OWWWWW!"
Then he turns tot he audience and says"Taking away the rain forest is painful!
Join Conservation org!"
So do you like Harrison Ford?
And will you join?

Skinwalkers / Movie review

Skinwalkers is a great movie to rent. It covers a tough part of Battle our Marines were fighting off the coast of Japan. The battle scenes are raw, the compassion, heart - to -heart, between Marines is heartfelt.
There are prominent Navajos who look after the man played by Nicolas Cage
and heal him of his spiritual wounds.
this movie leaves you with tremendous pride and awe towards our veterans and towards our beloved Navajo people.their sense of honor and their deep love of their fellow Americans in the movie is beautiful!

First Two Dogs Cloned

May 21, 2008
The first two dogs were cloned this past week.
The reporter said:" do you think that cloning will make people adapt less animals from shelters?"
What do you think?

Happy Memorial Day !

Happy Memorial Day!
What did you do?
I want to say thank you to all  of the veterans and service men and women who work so hard to protect our freedoms.
I hope that all veterans had a great day with their family.
I was told yesterday that Mormons  decorate family graves with plants on Memorial day.
Wow doing a barbecue is fun!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

She Tries To Rush

She Tries To Rush

She tries to rush
That way
Not so bad

Not bad
That people
Will not help her
Not bad
She is
so sad..

She rushes on
Not having
the Steam
to move fast...
Her energy
Will not last..
She Rushes on

The doctor
Will not come;
He says
She must
get better...
" I want
To help you..
Get Better first...

Her husband cries
quietly (shush)
(We don't cry
in Europe;
It's better
that way...)

She tries
To rush

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He Walks in silence

He Walks in Silence
He walks in silence ;
he suffers bravely
the banter
the insults
that are
his way

No one knows
how much pain
the boy
can stand

The teachers and principals
look no more
his way;
He is
a casualty

He walks in silence
not eating;
at night

he will
times without
this torture
And people, grown people
who stood up for him
and cared

I wonder
What will happen
to him
He learned in karate
how to defend
but not
How to hate

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China to Suffer Earthquake: Leave comments

China has suffered a big earth quake!
I wanted to say how sad I am for all fo those people who got buried in the earth.
I am grateful for those who survived and got away!
Leave  comments for China please.
My condolences to Chinese people for all of your losses.
I was impressed how the Chinese people stuck together and  helped one another.
China, we hope and we send positive thoughts your way that you will
recover soon .

Friday, May 9, 2008

Guido of Northern Trip to move

Guido of Northern Trip has moved.
Guido told us about wonderful adventures in the stormy islands of Scotland . His photos are tremendous. Please visit Northern Trip if you haven't already.
I hope that he will blog again. He had to leave Scotland and return home to
the Netherlands because of a death in the family.Please contact him at ;
He is an awesome individual.
We have all so much enjoyed his tales about Stornway, where he lived.
He is a brilliant writer and a dear friend.
I hope that we  will continue to hear from him, enjoy his tales and see his photographs.
Please check out his new blog from the Veluwe in the Netherlands , which is a beautiful
heavily wooded area. It is know for its' art and the comfort of the woods and long walks.
Guido is a beleiver in human rights and in protecting democracy.

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day
Have a great mothers Day!
Leave us some comments about your weekend !
I love you!

Guam and the Cyclone: What do you think?

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Guam got hit by a water storm , a cyclone, which is like a tornado. It ripped the country apart; disabling road service and killing at least 100,000 at the onset.
The military will not allow Americans and Europeans to get visas to bring food and water into the country, where it is desperately needed.What do you make of this? Do you think the military will at least let India in?
Let's send positive thoughts to our leaders and to the leaders of Guam to help these poor people.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thanks so much for the kind comments!

Thanks so much for your kind comments!
You lifted my spirits and made my heart sing!
You make AOL a blogging community worth remembering!
Please leave some links in your comments so people will go see you!

Bloggers! Please post the link toyour funniest entry ina a while!

Bloggers! Please post your funniest blogs with links!Thanks!

Happy May Aol! Please post your favorite entry from your journal

Aol bloggers! Happy May ! Please post links a from your favorite entries  in your journal about the end of school coming, graduation, summer camp, travel, summer and the adventures you are looking out to!