Friday, May 9, 2008

Guido of Northern Trip to move

Guido of Northern Trip has moved.
Guido told us about wonderful adventures in the stormy islands of Scotland . His photos are tremendous. Please visit Northern Trip if you haven't already.
I hope that he will blog again. He had to leave Scotland and return home to
the Netherlands because of a death in the family.Please contact him at ;
He is an awesome individual.
We have all so much enjoyed his tales about Stornway, where he lived.
He is a brilliant writer and a dear friend.
I hope that we  will continue to hear from him, enjoy his tales and see his photographs.
Please check out his new blog from the Veluwe in the Netherlands , which is a beautiful
heavily wooded area. It is know for its' art and the comfort of the woods and long walks.
Guido is a beleiver in human rights and in protecting democracy.

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