Monday, May 26, 2008

Ben Stiller/ Expelled

CNN Newsroom, May 26,2008
Ben Stiller /Expelled
Ben Stiller produced a film about our best universities and how we should check them out. Apparently, our esteemed economist , writer, actor and producer was appalled by the lack of open mindedness to be found in such institutions when it came to individual
theories concerning life and the nature of the universe.
I think that this is a huge concern.
Stiller is a man of some intellect and his father was too.
Stiller thinks that we should pursue more nuclear energy and gas extraction from coal.
Apparently gas extraction from coal was used to support Germany during World War Two. It would appear our military is used this science.
What do you think of Stiller's comments?
He mentions too that Congress approved hugs subsidies for corn for energy purposed but that this is not working at all. Ethanol costs more to make than we can get out of it. It makes our food increasingly more expensive.
Next year Congress will try to double the amount of this subsidy!
Does anyone want to comment on that?
On top of everything else Stiller is soooo funny!:)

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am4039 said...

hey Nat, how are you? I hope all is good. I don't know much about Ben Stiller just a few of his movies.  Hugs and Love