Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cloned Meats:Will you eat it?

World's first cloned pigs, born in the US in March 2000

What is your opinion? CBS announced December 28,2006 That FDA has said that cloned food is safe.Please give us your opnions.FYI: The FDA is taking comments from teh public next week.TY

What are your favorite Star and Kid songs?TechN9ne:Enjoy Dad and Daughter Duo on Rain

Google assembled these pictures from publicity shots

What are your Favorite Singer and child songs?

Tell us what songs you like that are sung by two or more family members.Please give us the anmes of teh artists and the kids.

TechN9ne: Enjoy the Dad and Daughter Duo in Rain!

My teen has "Rain" as one of his favorite songs on his ipod.

It is a beautiful song . His daughter and himself do a wonderful job singing together. It is a wonderful song ; pleasing melodies invite compassion and wonder. His daughter is very young and she has remarkable musical ability! She invites him to spend more time at home; talkinga bout how dreadfully lonely it is for children when their parents are huge celebs and they travel far away from the children for long periods of time.She mentions the promise of reunions that she receives for the future.

Do some of you know more about these two?Do you have a site to share or more information? Please add your comments, information and links below! TY



Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy New Year Jlanders! Please leave links and greetings!

Google assembled these pictures

Happy New Years Jlanders!

May 2007 Bring you all of what you want! Tell su waht you look forward to or want!

Please leave your greetings and links for Jlanders!

Scalzi's New Year Assignment: Give us Your Resolutions!

Google assembled these pictures

Scalzi's Assignment

Give Us Your Resolutions!

Ok !:):) Tell us what you want to have happen in 2007! (you can hedge laterand tell us what happens later people!This is just for fun! Please insert your link and your tags! thanks!

It is important for me to exercise a ton next year and keep up with good friends so that I can manage my activity level!:):) So friends and Long walks and lifting weights sounds good!Oh and if you're one of my good friends, I'm trying to keep up with you! So keep in touch ok?:):) 

By the way, what is the best way to keep in touch?

Okay! your turn!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Carl Sagan: A Tribute to a Giant!

Google assembled this pictures

Carl Sagan :

A Tribute

John Scalzi asked if we wanted to blog about Carl Sagan! I do! He was awesome!He taught so many of us , adults and kids, about the cosmos! He was the kind of speaker who inspired you so much you would feel like you would burst! He was so non asuming and humble; yet brilliant! totally cool!

It's your turn! Please leave comments and your link about Carl Sagan!TY!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I'll Miss you

Google assembled thes pictures which discuss family life

I'll miss you

I will miss you

this year

I'll see

candle lit talks

moonlight walks

All of us laughing;

Some of us singing

You would

inspire us

cajole us

tickle us

entertain us

woo hoo!

you were


we never ever believed

Your life

would be gone...


memories roll by...


dreams stagger in


Please add comments

and links TY

US Troops Merry Christmas!

Google assembled these pictures

US Troops  Merry Christmas!

You are awesome and you are missed here in the US!

We wish you a Merry Chrismas and we hope that you have fun and merriment there. Know that we are thinking of you, that we wish you love, joy , and happiness !

Please leave nice comments for our people in the service who cannot be home at Christmas. Thank you!


Merry Christmas to Jland!

Google assembled these pictures. They are educational pictures; about Chrismas and the middle one shows Edinburgh, Scotland.

Merry Christmas JLand!

Merry Christmas to all of your dear people who are my friends here!You are awesome! Have a wonderful holiday!

Please leave greetings for your Jland friends here with your links! TY!

love and hugs, natalie

Caroling Through JLand

Google assembled these pictures

Caroling Through JLand: Pick Your Fav Carols

(Sugarsweet056 started this)

My pick is  Handels' Messiah! It is an amazing piece; full of different harmonies and the words are wonderful. I love hearing the melodies and the puzzles as my mind struggles to fit itself around where the melodies will evetually harmonize and imagine when the images of the song will come together!A great song for puzzle lovers!A masterful piece!

Now it's your turn! Please tell us what your favorite song is. Or please leave your link for your entry about this so we can all go read it! thank you!


Monday, December 18, 2006

Ode to Friend

Google assembled these

Ode to a Friend

You touch me

we are hurrying

Down the slope

In the clearing

Up the hill

And I dream...

touch your face...

See softness there,




Can we 


Some how


Mean more

to each other


than empty



I wonder...



one another...


Over time





Thursday, December 14, 2006

What Toys Would You Want?(Scalzi wants to know!):):)

Google assembled these pictures

What toys would you want today? (JohnScalzi's assignment)

There are many cool toys... as a kid I always loved slides..but were I a kid now I would have wanted that sprinkler hook-up with the yellow plastic thing to slide on! Too cool!

I love action figures and dinausaurs!

I like the wooden building sets too with the bridges,etc.And I like the small lego sets with little men!

And don't forget the Smurfs! (looking around for Smurfette..hummm...) Smurfs  are fabulous!:):)

and lots of finger paniting and clay stuff!

Lots of huge water guns and ballons!

thanks for asking John!:)

Okay now it's your turn! Describe here or leave us your link and tell us what toys you would want to play with?


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Troops! Happy Holidays!

Google assembled these pictures

Troops! Happy Holidays!

Our Soldiers! We all miss you and wish you wonderful holidays! You are not forgotten!America loves all of you! We are looking forward to when you return home!

Please leave encouraging words for Our Soldiers



Happy Channukah!

Google assembled these pictures

Happy Channukah

Channukah and the lighting of the menorah begins on Saturday and goes on for nine days of lighting candles, praying, singing beautiful songs, celebrating family and receiving gifts!

I know I am early! Some people may be leaving town for the weekend!

Some people may be abroad!

Have a great holiday!

Please leave greetings, comments and links!


ps I would like to ask what you think of the different styles of menorahs!which one do you like best?

pps Do you think (anyone) that having a Christmas tree conflicts with this holiday?



Joe is back! Go say Hi!

Google assembled these pictures

Joe is back! Go Say Hi!

Welcome back Joe!You were missed!!

Hello Kitty was missed too...


Jeff is leaving! Go say Bye!

Jeff you are one awesome guy! We will miss you and hopefully follow your writing to your new port of entry! Cheers!:):)


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Go Visit Guido's Blog About the Holocaust

Google assembled these pictures

Go Visit Guido's blog About the Holocaust! Come here and leave comments or leave a link to your blog entry!




Monday, December 11, 2006

Go and Visit CarnivAOl!

Google assembled the pictures

Go and Visit CarnivAOl!

Fun and fantasy fill the pages...poetry, short stories, funny stories...come see and send an entry in for next time to:PLittle! TY!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Go Visit Myra's Blog

Google assembled these pictures

Myra's "thin Blue Line" blog honors fallen officers and Talks  about law enforcement and its' issues

Please go and visit, offer support and leave your link so Myra can go visit you as well!

I found Myra through Jeff , who asked Paul Little to find journals worth visiting!