Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Anorexics At Times Must Eat Rich Food To Survive

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Anorexics At Times Must Eat Rich Food To Survive

(Could you make your teen or young adult eat these rich foods?)

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December 8, 2006

"The Girl who hated Eating"

by Harriet Brown


Ms Brown tell us that parents must some times act quickly when their child becomes dehydrated and she is not consuming enough calories to keep her body functioning at a decent level to support heart and brain function. This did happen with her child . Her child did not want to eat ; even at teh docotr's orders! In her case, the doctor ordered the child to eat a decent batch of pasta with a protein drink, or he would insert a feeding tube within the hour! It worked as a quick fix...

However.. the parents had to choose between putting their child into a closed system rehab or taking on the job of "refeeding the child" at home ; which involved getting the child to eat and drink healthy food and drink in order to get the child's sytem on a par with other "normal" children. Apparently according to

Ms. Brown and the professional doctors whom she consulted the disease takes on a life of its' own when thea brain is deprived of enough glucose and the child "fears and despises" all healthy food and drinks because she thinks that they will make her fat!What happens then is that she looses perspective and tries to fight her parents or other adults in order to avoid having to eat...

What do you think? Could you make her? Or would you let the authorities try? You see, her body started consuming itself...

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readmereadyou said...

I'd do whatever it took. I think I'd try the pros first because I wouldn't be sure I was handling it right. If the pros failed, I'd shovel food down the kid. It's a very scary disease. Luckily, my children never had it.


pharmolo said...

Anorexia / boulimia require a cautious approach, which is best left to the professionals.

bobandkate said...

Definitely, one for the professionals. Force feeding a child at home is not an option. The weight loss is merely a symptom not the cause of anorexia.

lifesabench6 said...

I really have no idea if I would be able to 'make' my child eat something, but I would definately do whatever was in my power to get her to eat.  Even if it meant bringing in outside help.  It's too dangerous to sit back and think about 'will they hate me if I force them?"  If they hate me and are healthy- it might be painful, but they would be alive.  Thanks Nat.  It's a good topic that needs talking about!  God Bless!  Carolyn

sugar1337 said...

Since most people with eating disorders don't want the help or their family and friends and/or their family and friends are enablers, this is something that should be treated in a rehab facility away from everyone until the person can resolve their own issues and then over time they can start allowing their family and friends back in but as they say you can't love anyone else till you love yourself first.

monponsett said...

I'd make an anorexic daughter of mine eat her own vomit.