Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Scientists Think Whales Signal Information to Each Other

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Scientists Think Whales Signal Information to Each Other

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December 8, 2006

Health and Science News

"Whales Talk to one another"

Researchers at Univeristy of Queensland in Australia

think that Humpback whales have developed 622 words to cover a whole range of facts and emotions in order to alert one another if the group falls apart and afew drift for example, or a high pitched sound when angry!

They say that the whales do communicate with each other. 

What do you think about this? Do you believe it?

Tell us!:):) TY!

Extra Credit: Have you ever seen them? let us know!TY!


readmereadyou said...

I believe all animals communicate with one another. Always have.

readmereadyou said...

Example......What do I get for extra credit? LOL!

Here's a cute one. I had a dog named Shirley and a cat named candy years ago. The people next door had a mean SOB watch dog that one day was barking and growling at my poor Shirley in our back yard so bad that Shirley was beginning to wimper on my side of the fence. Candy, the cat, darted out like a bat out of hell and I followed her. She jumped right up on Shirley's back and started growling at the mean old dog next door and gave Shirley more courage to bark back too. Now, it was two against one. LOL! I was laughing so hard. I wish I had had a video camera back then. So, my conclusion, not only to animals communicate with the same species. They can with others too. : )

pharmolo said...

Whales communicate, that's been known for some time. Their 'voices' travel for thousands of miles, as they use a very low frequency (16 Hz).

bobandkate said...

It has been known for a long time that whales 'talk' to one another over very long distances. I haven't seen them but would like to one day!

bethjunebug said...


sugarsweet056 said...

I think that's been known for quite awhile, hasn't it?

lifesabench6 said...

I've never seen a whale in the wild- that would be quite a sight!  It doesn't surprise me though that they can communicate.  Other animals do, why not whales?  My dogs 'talk' and carry on conversations with each other and dogs down the street all the time.  Interesting- Thanks Natalie!  Carolyn

kamdghwmw said...

we went whale watching one time. The ocean was so choppy that we did not make it out of San Diego harbor! I got sick and that was the last time we attempted to go whale watching.

sugar1337 said...

I think all animals communicate with their own and probably even other animals, I think if anything we really got the short end of the stick with communication.  

monponsett said...

Until I see one blogging, I'm not impressed.

hugsdoodlewacky said...