Sunday, December 31, 2006

What are your favorite Star and Kid songs?TechN9ne:Enjoy Dad and Daughter Duo on Rain

Google assembled these pictures from publicity shots

What are your Favorite Singer and child songs?

Tell us what songs you like that are sung by two or more family members.Please give us the anmes of teh artists and the kids.

TechN9ne: Enjoy the Dad and Daughter Duo in Rain!

My teen has "Rain" as one of his favorite songs on his ipod.

It is a beautiful song . His daughter and himself do a wonderful job singing together. It is a wonderful song ; pleasing melodies invite compassion and wonder. His daughter is very young and she has remarkable musical ability! She invites him to spend more time at home; talkinga bout how dreadfully lonely it is for children when their parents are huge celebs and they travel far away from the children for long periods of time.She mentions the promise of reunions that she receives for the future.

Do some of you know more about these two?Do you have a site to share or more information? Please add your comments, information and links below! TY




ravenjuiced said...

Jackson Five "ABC" (yeah, yeah, I know Michael's an alien, but he was cute back then and the song rocks.)


lifesabench6 said...

I agree with Fred- I used to love the Jackson 5 when I was growing up.  I also liked the Osmonds (yes, showing my age now).  These days, I really don't know many family groups- at least ones in the music styles that I like. The last one I guess (even though there aren't any of them left) was the Allman Brothers- awsome southern rock!  Thanks Nat!  Carolyn

am4039 said...