Thursday, June 29, 2006

Tell Us your Favorite Fourth ! Whoopee!


Tell us about your Favorite 4th of July

(John made me do it! Lol!)

Describe your favorite 4th of July here!

I can't get mine to post so I'll read yours first! lol


Saturday, June 24, 2006

Match Game

Google did the pictures

Match Game

click click

the stony cliff

his gait doth advise;

I wonder if

My friend

doth surmise...

my aim

Slash slash

he lurches


Stonily I brace


For a

cold blow

Wondering if

My cavorting dance

and forethought

will warm my aim

and shorten

my reach?

Or will he dance before

Freezing my blows?

and hasten

my retreat?

Housecleaning: Or what Rock Stars don't do!

Google did the pictures

Housecleaning : Or What Rock Stars Don't Do!

(John made me do it! Lol!)

I really don't like vaccum cleaners! I mean; give me a break! They sound like you are inside of some body's airplane engine; trying to catch your breath! whew!

And then there's that fun moment when you get to empty that sucker into the trash! Yikes!

It's nasty, dirty, unfun; did I mentin deafening?

And if that's not enough of an insult to your senses, how about dragging that thing around your place?


It's your turn what do you dislike doing at home?

please leave your comments and or your link. You can alos leave your link at John Scaliz's blog:"By The Way".

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Libragem(A JLander) gets award for her poems !

Google did the pictures

Libragem got an Award for her poems !

Libragem, a great JLander, got awards for her poetry!

One of her poems will e published in a poetry anthology!

Bravo Gem!

Leave comments her for Gem or go to her site.

or yu can email her; Libragem007

Bravo Gem! We love you!

Artificial Intelligence now a Part of our Videogames

Google did the pictures

How Stuff Works

Artificial Intelligence Now a Part of our Video Games

Now when people play most games they will enounter the other robotic side using strategy to "outfox" them!

Now the game will be sizing up where the player's character is and what things can be done to outpace him!


How do you feel about these new challenges?

Does anyone want to describe it?


A New Form of Surgery Emerges: Natural Orfice Surgery

Google did the pictures


A New Form of Surgery Emerges: Natural Orfice Surgery

Surgeons are trying a new form of surgery which will allow the surgeon to use small robotic structures enter through yuor throat , make an incision in your intestines and then reach your organs!

This is to avoid body scars!

Would you be a candidate if you needed surgery?

Dr. Paul Swain is the surgeon.


Amazon Wants you!

Google did the pictures


Apparently you can visit and sing up to solve puzzles or answer questions that their business relations may have. You can set up a bank account to receive payment or you can opt to receive Amazon credits towards purchases from Amazon.

Personally I would opt for the Amazon credits because the other is, well. troubling.

Will you sign up?



Terror hits Toronto

Google did pictures

Canada .com

the Economist

June 10 - 16, 2006

Police charged 12 men with planning to blow up the Toronto Stack Exchange and the parliament buildings in Ottowa and beheading the prime minister of Canada,

 Mr. Stephen Harper this month.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper made a stiring speech. He said that Canada will continue its' multiculturism stance. He said that the arrest of these men and what they had planned reminds everyonethat terrorism is real. Harper pointed out that people who use symbols of faith to justify violence hate open and democratic societies.

Fortuantely no one was injured.

Anyone can leave comments to support the people of Canada who are against this tirade.

My heart goes out to all people ni Canada who wanted nothing but to have their free multicultural society.

World Cup Soccer

Google had the pictures

AOL Sports

CNN, Sports Illustrated

FIFA World

The Economist

World Cup Soccer

Okay here is how it looks:

Germany beat Ecuador 3-0 for Group A,

England beat Sweden to win Group B.

England got a scre becasue their striker , Michael Owen went down for the count. He has to have knee surgery.

Germany looked good against Ecuador. Germany and Sweden will fight again on Saturday.

We still have other divisions to play before Saturday.

Paulo Falco is quoted as saying that Brazil hs not been playing as well as expected.

Ghana , Italy and Czech Republic are doing well.

Us and The Netherlands are still in consideration.

The Economist doesn't think that the US cares enough about soccer but I don't think that they are right in this assumption.

They also wrote an article which points out that the World Cup is better than the P;ympics because it si not based around politics. On this I agree.

What do you think about the World Cup games?

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Gates leave Intel to Devote fulltime Energy to Gates Foundation

Google did the pictures

Melinda and Bill Gates leave Intel to Devote fulltime Energy to Gates Foundation


June 15

The Gates Foundation is a wonderful charity worldwide and involves all sorts of help for people such as : medicine, hospital supplies, bringing education to the bush and helping education expand in the US.

I was thrilled that although the Gates will still be at the helm of Intel they are freeing up  a lot more time in their schedule to visit more countries and to help more people! It is awesome news!

What do you think?


Sometimes One Parent Does All


Google did pictures

Sometimes One Parent Does All

Sometimes one parent has to raise the kids and run the family on their own... sigh.. I have  great respect for these parents. Society asks so much from them and they attempt to fulfill it!

It must be brutal when it is so hard ot raise kids without much help nowadays to do it without any help as a single parent or adoptive parent. So let's reach out and help these parents when we can!

And for my part, Bravo! Happy Mothers and Fathers Day to you!thanks for honoring and loving yuor children so much!

P.S. We do have such heroes here in JLand! I know one here. Her name is Sugar; Sugarsweet056.

Bravo Sugar!
















































Happy Father's Day

Google did pictures

Happy Father's Day!

Kudoes to all of you wonderful fathers out there! You know who you are!

You take the kids for walks, help Mom feed them or get groceries, cook maybe...

You are the type of dad who goes to the children's games and rocks the baby to sleep when Mom passes out! And I gotta' tell ya, you are irreplaceable!

Thank you for being fantastic!



Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tell Us a Trick Your Kid Played on Dad! lol!

Google provided the dad and kid photos

Tell Us a Trick Your Kid Played on Dad

It's almost Father's Day!

This year, the children's father had misplaced his favorite pen.. only he hadn't!Our daughter had borrowed it unbeknownst to him and wrapped it up! She handed it to him for Father's Day!lol!

So do you know a prank that you wouldn't mind sharing? tell us!

The Summer's Harvest A Summer Tale

Google did the pcitures of summer's harvest

The Summer's Harvest A Symbolic Tale

Introduction- This is a story about the summer and what it can mean in a life.

Leela walked over to her grandfather.

"Grandpa can we talk over there?"

She pointed to their favorite spot next to the woods.

"Sure baby!"

Grandfather smiled at his granddaughter.

They walked for awhile until they reached the boulders next to the woods.

"Do you want to sit Baby?"

"Sure Grandpa!

Grandpa what do you like about the summer?" Leela asked.

" The feast days and get togethers are fun. "

" Do you like the harvest days Grandpa?"

"Yep. It's important for all of us... not just for now but for the rest of the year."

"Why Grandpa?"
"You know that we bring in all of the good crops, right?"

"Right Grandpa."

"We also bring in the crops that are not so good. We think hard together and provide

suggestions to the group about what we can do next harvest to avoid that." 

"Okay.." she nodded; looking up to her grandfather.

"We also look at the preparation of the harvest. We ask ourselves basic questions;

Did we water the crops enough? Did we put enough manure down at the right time?

"Okay Grandpa." She shook her head.

"This prepares us better for the fall Leela.Every summer is different in effect because every summer has decidedly different factors to take into consideration.

"Then, when that's done we can chow down, get together with our families and Party Hardy!"

Grandpa grinned big and Leela hugged him close.




The Revolving Door- A Story

Google has provided these grandparent images

The Revolving Door - A Story

Introduction   This is a story about a girl and her grandfather in the summer time.

Leela walked across the field until shewas close to ehr grandfather.


"hi Baby."

"Grandpa? Whatcha' doing?"

" I'm taking a walk. Wanna' come along?"


"Grandpa do you like the summer?"

"Sure baby. Why?"
He saw Leela looking up at him wiht those big pleading brown eyes.

"um.. Grandpa, Billy and Susan are moving."

"Aww Baby... I'm sorry."

Leela's jaw tightened.

"it's okay Grandpa..But why does it happen like that?"

"That's becasue life is like a revolving door; you know? You go in with some good friends. Once inside, some freinds have to go ahead of yuo in line and leave you behind. A few can stay with you.

"But also Leela, some brand new freinds are likely to walk through the door too! And then you have new freinds too!"

Grandpa smiled at his granddaughter.

"The trick is to notice them and to spend time with them!'

He winked.

"Okay Grandpa!If you say so!" Leela said.




What is Something Your Dad did That You Do?

Google did the collection of father and daughter images

What is Something Your Dad did That You do Too?

(Scalzi made me do it! lol!)

It's almost Father's Day and so John Scalzi, out illustrious leader, poses the question.

One thing Dad liked to do was to wrestle us and tickle us until we could no longer catch our breath! Lol!

I enjoy that! I also love to take long walks.

It's your turn. Please leave comments or links to your blog entry about your father.You coudl also leave a link ot your comment at Your Scalzi's blog"By the Way."

oh and Happy Father's Day!