Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Libragem(A JLander) gets award for her poems !

Google did the pictures

Libragem got an Award for her poems !

Libragem, a great JLander, got awards for her poetry!

One of her poems will e published in a poetry anthology!

Bravo Gem!

Leave comments her for Gem or go to her site.


or yu can email her; Libragem007

Bravo Gem! We love you!


sugarsweet056 said...


shermeen0621 said...

I know! Isn't it wonderful, she's so talented. So many jlanders are. I think we should all get together and write a book, a chapter each or something.

Shermeen xx

sugarsweet056 said...

Just stopping in to say hello & wish you a nice upcoming weekend.
:) Sugar

libragem007 said...

awww Natalie..thank you so so much for this recognition from you.  You're a sweet and caring person. I'm humbled by your appreciation and kindness.
I just got back today from PA..so guess what I'm doing? yap! LOL! catching up with readings and emails lol. :-D
I hope you had a wonderful weekend and wishing you a great week ahead.
Talk to you soon~
Gem :-)