Thursday, June 8, 2006

He Paints an Angel

Google did pictures

the story is from Europe

PLittle found two helpful sources for information:

Aurora Walking Vacation


Ayaan Hirsi Ali - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

WorldNetDaily: 'Thou shall not kill' message censored


He Paints An Angel


He paints an angel on the wall

His friend has died; he wants to share

A feeling of peace

For his friends there

The police are called

It would appear

Painting angels

Is not politically correct now:

Nor the words:"Thou shall not kill".

The police rush over

with the fire department

and a hose.

A journalist incarcerated

for his protest

He paints an angel

And I cry

Sand bullets like tears

rip my heart open

for us; for him

Time was when

We would protect him

He painted an angel


sugarsweet056 said...

I weep.

sugar1337 said...

That is sad, maybe he could paint a memorial piece on a canvas though to memorialize his friend.

yeolecontractor said...

We live in a time
lost frm whence we came
Painting angels today
is not received the same.

Maybe we should take
a blank canvass and brush
paint the wings invisable
an the rest in a hush.

Then only those with feelings
more real than what we know
could comfortably paint angels
before life stumps us soome moe.

Touching, Natalie

sazzylilsmartazz said...