Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Cup Soccer

Google had the pictures

AOL Sports

CNN, Sports Illustrated

FIFA World Cup.com

The Economist

World Cup Soccer

Okay here is how it looks:

Germany beat Ecuador 3-0 for Group A,

England beat Sweden to win Group B.

England got a scre becasue their striker , Michael Owen went down for the count. He has to have knee surgery.

Germany looked good against Ecuador. Germany and Sweden will fight again on Saturday.

We still have other divisions to play before Saturday.

Paulo Falco is quoted as saying that Brazil hs not been playing as well as expected.

Ghana , Italy and Czech Republic are doing well.

Us and The Netherlands are still in consideration.

The Economist doesn't think that the US cares enough about soccer but I don't think that they are right in this assumption.

They also wrote an article which points out that the World Cup is better than the P;ympics because it si not based around politics. On this I agree.

What do you think about the World Cup games?

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