Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Summer's Harvest A Summer Tale

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The Summer's Harvest A Symbolic Tale

Introduction- This is a story about the summer and what it can mean in a life.

Leela walked over to her grandfather.

"Grandpa can we talk over there?"

She pointed to their favorite spot next to the woods.

"Sure baby!"

Grandfather smiled at his granddaughter.

They walked for awhile until they reached the boulders next to the woods.

"Do you want to sit Baby?"

"Sure Grandpa!

Grandpa what do you like about the summer?" Leela asked.

" The feast days and get togethers are fun. "

" Do you like the harvest days Grandpa?"

"Yep. It's important for all of us... not just for now but for the rest of the year."

"Why Grandpa?"
"You know that we bring in all of the good crops, right?"

"Right Grandpa."

"We also bring in the crops that are not so good. We think hard together and provide

suggestions to the group about what we can do next harvest to avoid that." 

"Okay.." she nodded; looking up to her grandfather.

"We also look at the preparation of the harvest. We ask ourselves basic questions;

Did we water the crops enough? Did we put enough manure down at the right time?

"Okay Grandpa." She shook her head.

"This prepares us better for the fall Leela.Every summer is different in effect because every summer has decidedly different factors to take into consideration.

"Then, when that's done we can chow down, get together with our families and Party Hardy!"

Grandpa grinned big and Leela hugged him close.





jeadie05 said...

What a lovely Grandpa ...........Jan xx

sugarsweet056 said...

Nice story! ;)

sunnyside46 said...

I love summers