Thursday, June 8, 2006

Adventures in Ebay: He Gave His Faith... A Story from Real Life

Adventures In Ebay: He Gave His Faith

(This is a story based upon a sad real life event. The names of the people have been changed.)


Lots of adults who Will knew had made money by buying something of value on Ebay (he thought) and later selling it; pocketing the proft and enjoying a new hobby.

He had been saving all year for this purchase. He had done research on he Web, he had made up field notes, he had looked up the famed basketball shoes with the big acclaim from big name atheletes.

And "volia!" when the said item became available, he dug into those savings. He even borrowed money from a friend. The seller had said online that this was the realthing.

How could Will fail?He had all of the confidence in the world that Ebay would verify the authentic nature of these shoes.He used a freind's pay pal with their permission and he was in!

Enter his cousins. He informed Will that the purchase was in route and it could not now be stopped. However, he said, the shoes were not authentic; they were phoney products; a set up to lure like teens inot buying junk.Will was devastated. How could his good faith have been traded for fraud???? How can this sort of theft stand in our society?

His cousin said that all he can hope for is that the seller has areputation to uphold and that therefore he will give Will his money back. There is no guarantee like there is in a "normal" store; no check system to rely on. Hopefully, Pay Pall will help Will get repaid. Will is thinking; how can we adults let this theft stand? Don't we care?

Please write in yuor comments about this situation or others that you know of where justice was served.




sugarsweet056 said...

Look at what happened with re EBAY. I got Lily that way! You know the rest of the story about that!
Blessings, Sugar

jlocorriere05 said...

Anyone buying on ebay takes that risk. I wouldn't get anythinbg from there! Jeannette.  

sugar1337 said...

I don't think people should make major purchases on ebay for there is no guarantee on what you get.  I have bought a few things there myself but they were all under $20. I have even bought things from reputable dealers online and have had problems though, but I always pay with a credit card so I just call and cancel the payment there if something goes wrong.