Sunday, June 4, 2006

Drop on in and Tell Us!

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Drop on in and Tell us An Adventure You want to have

Come in and leave a comment or a link about an adventure that you want to have in the future (hey isn't that what summer is all about??)or one that you have had...

It could be camping or painintg your room or a visit by an old friend from the past!What ?

I would like to visit Aussieland in the future.

This summer I will hope to go to a wedding! or and Several basketball games and a camp!

Please leave a comment.


libragem007 said...

We'll be off this summer to Thomas The Train engine train ride in Strasburg,'s a treat for my 3 year old son who's crazy about train and thomas engine.
For me, I'd LOVE to jump from the plane (with parachute of course LOL!) ;-D
otherwise, we'll pretty much enjoy our summer going to the beach :-)
Have a great week,
Gem :-)

onemoretina said...

What would I really like to do this summer?  I would like to take a surfing lesson.  It's been so long, I'd have to start from scratch.  On the other hand, surfing requires wearing a bathing suit, so ...... Hmmmmm. Maybe I need to rethink this one.    Tina

princesssaurora said...

Australia is on my list too!  LOL  Oh life is adventure enough for me on a daily basis... nothing much going on...

be well,

sugar1337 said...

*I really want to go to Africa with my dad for a picture taking safari.  My dad and I also really want to go swimming in shark tanks with the great white sharks in Australia.  With my mom, we both want to go to Salem, Mass so we can study info on the old city.  We both also really want to go to Europe and explore all the ancient buildings and go to the musuems.  Mike and I want to go to Memphis, since he is a huge Elvis fan and that would be fun.  We also both want to go to New Zealand, Ireland, and Scotland for we both enjoy sight-seeing and the outdoors.

cdittric77 said...

I would love to get season tickets to a minor league baseball game.


sugarsweet056 said...

Would love to spend some time on a tropical island with no worries about how I was going to pay for it!