Sunday, June 4, 2006

Indonesia's Large Earthquake, Part II

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Indonesia's Large Earthquake, Part II

The earthquake has been busy. It has devistated thousands of people and Lydie Setyawati of the Red Cross has been quoted  saying that the need is growing for supplies, water, antibiotics, shelters. Another doctor was quoted in saying:"we are running out of anesthetic, thread and bandages."

Our President has promised $2.5 million in aid and the goverment of Malaysia has provided $3.8 million.

Many times with relief efforts of this magnitude, people who need supplies for the hospiatals, fresh water bottles and fresh food and supplies to build new shelters and to bury people are dependant, to a large degree, on outsider help.

In Bantal, the mayor said that 2,200 people were dead; but many more were trapped under thousands of collapsed buildings. President Pambang Yuheyana aordered the army to help evacuate the victims. The Bantul Muhummalyah Hospital is on record saying that "we need help here."

Thoussands of People, mostly women and children, are huddled at evacuation points. Some do not have food and water.

Please leave encouraging comments for the people of Indonesia in their struggle to solve this growing problem.

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readmereadyou said...

Natural disasters are scary things. How can we not feel for the suffering of these people.

And now, it's yet again, hurricane season and we have to worry about more.

I'm sure there is enough money and help in the world for all of the world to be taken care of in their times of need......People just have to reach into their pockets.