Thursday, June 1, 2006

Pick Something You Liked Back When

Google did pictures

Pick Something You Liked Back Then (John made me do it)

One thing I have always liked was dancing.

I also played alot of volleyball and I continued that as my family grew! Volleyball is something you can play outdoors; in the woods or on the beach!It never goes out of style and it's so fun!

So ho about you? What is something that you used to do a lot of?



readmereadyou said...

Dancing.......I loved to go out and dance and kept it up well into my late fourties. I wish I had never stopped.

PS......I still dance around the house when no one is looking. : )

jeadie05 said...

Rock and roll without a doubt .......Jan xx

sugar1337 said...

When I was little I liked dodgeball and tag.  As a teenager I liked horse-back riding and dance.

sugarsweet056 said...

If it's something I used to do that I still would be praying & helping others. Have always loved it!
If it's something I used to love but no longer'd be dancing!!! LOL
Coming upon the weekend. Wanted to say howdy & hope you have a good one!
Hugs, Sugar

cdittric77 said...

I love to dance, even though I'm a silly white guy when I do :)

yeolecontractor said...

I always loved singing. In younger days I sung in local clubs and lots of choral stuff as well. I still sing when I am working.


hewasolddog299 said...

Glad you like dancing. But name something you didn't like back when that you love today was the gist of the assignment, methinks.  :D


lurkynat said...

OK olddog...but I was getting to that! That entry is coming up!

rickardfoghorn said...

Hey when i was younger i always loved to play "kick the can" god the whole street was out there was kids in every house and all round the same age, someone would have to kick the can then everyone would hide, but if you were found you would have to get the can and kick it before the tagger got to it... it and German jumps it was elastic bands all joined together and you had to jump with out touching them they started at the ankle and ended on the head... OH MEMORIES

geminirising12 said...

Back, a long, long, long time ago when I was young, I loved going to the movies on Friday night.  Where I grew up, Friday night was girl's night and Saturday night was date night.  Every Friday was movie night with the girls and the boys would come and sit behind us - WAHOOOO!!!  It was great fun - we got to wear our jeans and act silly and laugh alot.  Afterward, we would go for a milk shake and a burger and then home.  Our parents would take turns driving - imagine that???  Those were the days, my friend . . . . . . .I thought they'd never end . . . . . . .but they did one day, never to return again.  Ahhhhh, youth.   We sure don't appreciate it when we have it, and by the time we do appreicate it, it is too late.  Sigh . . . . . .

sunnyside46 said...

I used to love to hit the bars, now I can not stand it