Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Zimbabwe Looses Freedom: Is denied Election

Katie Couric, News
June 24, 2008

Ms. Couric made me want to weep. She showed pictures of a once prosperous happy country now unable to hold free elections.
Robert Mugabe was elected to Zimbabwe int he eighties. the country was doing well then. Times have changed but Mr.. Mugabe wants to stay on.
Zimbabwe wants to hold a free election.
The new party leader, Tsvangirai, was elected by parliament and by popular vote. Then, one by one, the new party members were taken aside, beaten with sticks and tortured; some mutilated. The new party leader shown above has now resigned.
How do you see this?
What could be done to help them?
I went back and googled Zimbabwe. Apparently, Tsyangirai is pleading for the world to send in help to support free elections in a safe way.

Dogs and Smell

National Geographic
June 24, 2008
Dogs That Smell

Dogs have special smelling capacity to capture odor molecules, according to the National Geographic. It seems that dogs "see the landscape" through their nose when the odor molecules go into a mucous layer and the messages are transfered to the olfactory part of the brain.
The Russians have developed a special breed of dog named Sulomof that can sniff explosives .Sulomof was a breeder who mated jackals and their offspring for seven generations. He bred them with fox terriers and with Spitz dogs. They are excellent sniffers. They get rewarded when they find chemicals for bombs. This dog takes his own initiative; he knows where to go and where to look. he can even sniff through luggage and pick up tiny particles of scent.
How can these dogs be trained to hunt and yet be so affectionate?
They are very cute and furry. Would you want one if you could get one?
Why or why not?

How We Grew Dogs From Wolves: Pet Stories

National Geographic
June 24, 2008

In Ancient times people kept wolves as pets.

Five thousand years ago, Egyptians began keeping dogs.
People developed different breeds.
Dogs are good at passing their traits down.

In nineteen century Europe, National Geographic points out that perfection was considered an important thing; in design of buildings, architecture and in dogs.
The nouveau rich was involved in promoting this.
It became a middle class hobby to the middle class to isolate one breed from another
in the hopes of improving it.
They called this "Eugenics" or the conceit of improving breeding by selective breeding.
This breeding has become enormously successful.They have created a hugely varied and enormously diverse and interesting set of animals by this sort of breeding.
What is your favorite kind of dog?Why?
Or are you a cat person?

Dogo Argentina: Special Dog Breeds

National Geographic
June 24, 2008

It seems that dog breeders in Argentina bred a dog to hunt their wild boars called
Dogo Argentina. Wild boars can weight 400 pounds. They are dangerous and a threat to livestock in ranches. Apparently, some ranches in Texas are using these Dogo dogs to rid themselves of wild boars too.This great dog is Great Mastiff, Pit Bull, and Boxer. It combining a shrewd hunting ability with a protective, docile manner ; shown to be sweet , loyal and patient around children.Dogos can capture four wild boars.
W hat do you think of these dogs? Did you know that wild boars are still such a problem in some parts of the world? If you had that problem would you get yourself a Dogo?

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Mark Twain Would be Proud:The Mighty Mississippi

Mark Twain Would be Proud
June 19,2008

My father was a big believer in Mark Twain and in the people he loved.
Mark Twain knew that the mighty Mississippi had a mind of its own.
And he admired the heroic folk who tried to tame the mighty Mistress.
I think he would have been sad to see the flooded great farms in this report; hundreds of miles of established farms gone now...
In Winfield, Mo. the mayor hopes for a miracle. The people built their levees and dams ten feet over the border . You should have seen the raw courage and tenacity and team work that they demonstrated; lifting these heavy bags and working together to build a dam worthy of the river.
June 26, 2008
It would appear that these gentle people have secured a victory!Horray!
Leave comment for the might Mississippi. Are you impressed? Do you like Mark Twain?:)

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Monday, June 16, 2008

The New Book:"Healing CHildhood Epidemics- Autsim and ADDH

"Healing Childhood Epidemics: Autism and ADDH"by Kenneth Block

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June 10, 2008
Montel recommends this book about the healing therapiesthat have the potential
to aid Autism and ADDH tremendously. Would you read this book? Why ro why not?
Please leave comments. thanks! nat

Diagnosing Autism and ADDH can be Tricky!?Comments

Diagnosing Autism and ADDH Can Be Tricky or Non Existent!
June 10, 2008

Montel interviewed a woman whose son was given a check up by the pediatrician
and before 18 months he was fine. He knew new words, was happy and he walked around content.Suddenly, at eighteen months everything changed; he started spinning, loosing control, showing wild behavior and loosing language.
He could not identity things that were his needs his mother said.He stopped pointing at things with interest.
Finally his mother got him admitted to a  testing center, where they spotted developmental delays. It was hard to get to see an "enlightened doctor " here but once he was seen, he received  a therapy which gave him more oxygen to the brain; in a therapy called DAN.
Now the mother says he can communicate much better after having received this therapy for a given amount of weeks. He is much happier and more relaxed.
What do you think? Would you take your child in for this? Has anyone done this? tell us!

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Happy Belated Fathers Day!How Did you Spend your Day?

Happy Belated Fathers Day!

I Apologize Jland ! I went camping with my family!

Dads Rock! I have always thought that parenting kids is important
and love is important!  Dads have tons of influence in how a family
goes!They imprint a lot of values and important life lessons on their family.
I was thinking about memories I had with my dad and how that was...
and then I was thinking about all of the cool times that the kids have had meaningful talks
with their dad.... mmmmmmm....
Please tell us about your father / and or about your dad and granddad
and how much they mean to your family.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Reading to Your Kids Realy Helps: Yes?

Reading To Your Kids Helps
The Week
May 30, 2008

Barry Zuckerman wrote to The Guardian that According to his study
reading to your kids at night improves: language, memory, motor skills, understanding sequences in stories and understanding how to follow a narrative.Isn't it great to have
encouragement for parents in this area?:):)
I mean it was always such a kick for em to to read to the kids!:)
Now he says it really matters to their development!
What do you think?Do you believe that it helps kids?
Do you enjoy it or have you enjoyed reading to your kids in the past?
Let us know!nat

Hydrogen Cars Created by Shell and Partner:Future Cars

June 3, 2008
Hydrogen Cars Created By Shell and New Infrastructure

Barbara was telling me that she thought hydrogen cars would be the bes for us!
Shell and their new partner have created 100 new hydrogen powered cars in the U.S. and hydrogen pump stations in New York and California.
What do you make of this? Is this a good idea? Once the infrastructure has expanded all over the U.S. do you think you will want to switch?
Why or why not?

Scientists Create Green Human Embryo:Comment

The Week
May 30,2008

Scientists created a "green human embryo" and unfortunately, the reporter says that this embryo is the first step in creating "designer babies"; that is, babies who are prettier, smarter, taller and other wise more perfect than "normal" babies.
What do you think about this? Is it ethical? Is it morally okay?
Can society justify this sort of activity? Are we all of the sudden our own creator? And what is the consequence do you think of such activities?
Please comment!

Bea Gilmore Looses Dear Pet

Bea Gilmore of Wanderer has lost a dear pet, Misty .
Please go by her blog and offer some support.
Bea is a wonderful person and a dear friend.
She says that Misty was always there for her and that she was
quite a friend to the family.
Please offer Bea support for her loss of her other dog, Max, who
unfortunately passed away also last winter.

Would some one please post Bea's link here too!Thanks!

Eurocup is on: Who Are You Routing For?

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June 9,2008
Eurocup is on!European teams will be playing until June 14th!
Will you watch? Who will win?
Two years ago Greece surprised me and won the World Cup!
What do you think?

Jackie Stewart:Worldwide Winner and Dyslexia

Yves Saint Laurent Passes Away: Fashionista Divine

Yves Saint Laurent Passed Away
June 2, 2008

I wanted to offer my condolences for the family, friends and admirers of
Yves Saint Laurent, a  fashion giant!
He is the man who designed beautiful pant suits for women, among other things.
He is credited for making the suits so attractive and stylish that is was all of the sudden
okay for women to show up on important occasions with wonderful suits on!
Please leave your comments . Thanks!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Coal: Our Plentiful Blessing?Is it America's answer?

June 1, 2008
America's org. is running their add about transforming coal into gas.
For the last week CNN has run little stories about it...one time they mentioned that America has the most coal resources in the world and we should use it to run industry.
Another time they mentioned that the Air Force is planning a big refinery that will do this for themselves, so they are wondering if America  wills tart a big investment in this arena.
What do you think? Would this help us?
And can we manage it properly?
What do you think?

Thank you Hadon field!Thank you Vishy!

Thank you Hadonfield for including me in Magic Smoke's Guest Editor's pics!
You are an awesome person, husband, father, writer extraordinarie and genius!
And thank you Vishy for being such a great Magic Smoke editor!
You are a very inspirational editor ! And your sense of humor gets to me!

Buckoclown Points out We Have Two New Nuclear Plants

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Buckoclown has written that South Carolina is building two new nuclear plants.
I have asked Bucko to write here more about it.
What do you think about that?

Teacher Let Go: Special Ed Child Moves On

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Teacher Let  Go: Special Ed Kid Moves On
Friday, May 30, 2008

The teacher who had the children vote the special ed child with Asperger's
 disease out of the classroom was let go Thursday.
Are you pleased with this outcome?
The child will move on his mother said.
Does firing people improve our atmosphere at school?
Let me know!