Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bea Gilmore Looses Dear Pet

Bea Gilmore of Wanderer has lost a dear pet, Misty .
Please go by her blog and offer some support.
Bea is a wonderful person and a dear friend.
She says that Misty was always there for her and that she was
quite a friend to the family.
Please offer Bea support for her loss of her other dog, Max, who
unfortunately passed away also last winter.

Would some one please post Bea's link here too!Thanks!

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bgilmore725 said...

Here's my link Nat:

Thanks for your thoughtfulness... I lost Max in March... it was more spring than winter here in NC. We buried him on Palm Sunday. They passed just over two months apart. Although we were both very saddened, the tears did stop, and we have been adjusting to our new stage in life... having no pets in the home for the first time since we got married. That's about 33 years we've been together, and have always had a pet, but generally at least two of them. We've decided to face the summer pet-less, take our vacations, not worry about who will take care of the pets while we are gone, not worry about them getting sick while we are gone. It's been strange coming home to an empty house, and sitting here typing without one of them sitting beside my feet on the floor. No dog food or water bowls on the kitchen floor, no one to pet while I watch TV at night. It's tough. But I'm certain we will get another pet or two one day in the future. For now, we are going to see how we can get along without our two favorite comedians, our comic relief, and our greatest fans, at the end of the day. Thanks, Nat. You are too sweet. Bea