Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dogo Argentina: Special Dog Breeds

National Geographic
June 24, 2008

It seems that dog breeders in Argentina bred a dog to hunt their wild boars called
Dogo Argentina. Wild boars can weight 400 pounds. They are dangerous and a threat to livestock in ranches. Apparently, some ranches in Texas are using these Dogo dogs to rid themselves of wild boars too.This great dog is Great Mastiff, Pit Bull, and Boxer. It combining a shrewd hunting ability with a protective, docile manner ; shown to be sweet , loyal and patient around children.Dogos can capture four wild boars.
W hat do you think of these dogs? Did you know that wild boars are still such a problem in some parts of the world? If you had that problem would you get yourself a Dogo?

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