Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Zimbabwe Looses Freedom: Is denied Election

Katie Couric, News
June 24, 2008

Ms. Couric made me want to weep. She showed pictures of a once prosperous happy country now unable to hold free elections.
Robert Mugabe was elected to Zimbabwe int he eighties. the country was doing well then. Times have changed but Mr.. Mugabe wants to stay on.
Zimbabwe wants to hold a free election.
The new party leader, Tsvangirai, was elected by parliament and by popular vote. Then, one by one, the new party members were taken aside, beaten with sticks and tortured; some mutilated. The new party leader shown above has now resigned.
How do you see this?
What could be done to help them?
I went back and googled Zimbabwe. Apparently, Tsyangirai is pleading for the world to send in help to support free elections in a safe way.


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sunnyside46 said...

I saw this on tv at the gym
I was appalled
I don't know th answer
I know I don't' want America involved in yet another county's domestic problems
Maybe the answer is to deny commerce the way it was done to South Africa

It seemed to help abolish apartheid.

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