Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dogs and Smell

National Geographic
June 24, 2008
Dogs That Smell

Dogs have special smelling capacity to capture odor molecules, according to the National Geographic. It seems that dogs "see the landscape" through their nose when the odor molecules go into a mucous layer and the messages are transfered to the olfactory part of the brain.
The Russians have developed a special breed of dog named Sulomof that can sniff explosives .Sulomof was a breeder who mated jackals and their offspring for seven generations. He bred them with fox terriers and with Spitz dogs. They are excellent sniffers. They get rewarded when they find chemicals for bombs. This dog takes his own initiative; he knows where to go and where to look. he can even sniff through luggage and pick up tiny particles of scent.
How can these dogs be trained to hunt and yet be so affectionate?
They are very cute and furry. Would you want one if you could get one?
Why or why not?

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