Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mark Twain Would be Proud:The Mighty Mississippi

Mark Twain Would be Proud
June 19,2008

My father was a big believer in Mark Twain and in the people he loved.
Mark Twain knew that the mighty Mississippi had a mind of its own.
And he admired the heroic folk who tried to tame the mighty Mistress.
I think he would have been sad to see the flooded great farms in this report; hundreds of miles of established farms gone now...
In Winfield, Mo. the mayor hopes for a miracle. The people built their levees and dams ten feet over the border . You should have seen the raw courage and tenacity and team work that they demonstrated; lifting these heavy bags and working together to build a dam worthy of the river.
June 26, 2008
It would appear that these gentle people have secured a victory!Horray!
Leave comment for the might Mississippi. Are you impressed? Do you like Mark Twain?:)

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