Monday, June 16, 2008

Diagnosing Autism and ADDH can be Tricky!?Comments

Diagnosing Autism and ADDH Can Be Tricky or Non Existent!
June 10, 2008

Montel interviewed a woman whose son was given a check up by the pediatrician
and before 18 months he was fine. He knew new words, was happy and he walked around content.Suddenly, at eighteen months everything changed; he started spinning, loosing control, showing wild behavior and loosing language.
He could not identity things that were his needs his mother said.He stopped pointing at things with interest.
Finally his mother got him admitted to a  testing center, where they spotted developmental delays. It was hard to get to see an "enlightened doctor " here but once he was seen, he received  a therapy which gave him more oxygen to the brain; in a therapy called DAN.
Now the mother says he can communicate much better after having received this therapy for a given amount of weeks. He is much happier and more relaxed.
What do you think? Would you take your child in for this? Has anyone done this? tell us!

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am4039 said...

I have never heard of it, but if it helped and did no other harm yep I would do it.

sunnyside46 said...

it's a heart breaking diagnosis, parents will try anything to help their children.

carolhehe said...

This sounds wonderful! Kind of like a shining light at the end of a dark tunnel. I would be all for it if it helped a sick lil one.

bgilmore725 said...