Sunday, June 1, 2008

Coal: Our Plentiful Blessing?Is it America's answer?

June 1, 2008
America's org. is running their add about transforming coal into gas.
For the last week CNN has run little stories about time they mentioned that America has the most coal resources in the world and we should use it to run industry.
Another time they mentioned that the Air Force is planning a big refinery that will do this for themselves, so they are wondering if America  wills tart a big investment in this arena.
What do you think? Would this help us?
And can we manage it properly?
What do you think?

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bhbner2him said...

While I can certainly see why the military is looking for resources inside America, as they certainly would be made weak by too much dependence on fuel supplied from outside, I don't think coal is a viable alternative for the average citizenry.  It's time America seriously developed other alternatives like hydrogen.  We should have made the move to diversify to as many different sources as possible years ago.  Extremely varied sources and methods would do the most to help us get along with less dependance.  And I believe it would lead to more discoveries.  -  Barbara