Sunday, June 1, 2008

Teacher Let Go: Special Ed Child Moves On

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Teacher Let  Go: Special Ed Kid Moves On
Friday, May 30, 2008

The teacher who had the children vote the special ed child with Asperger's
 disease out of the classroom was let go Thursday.
Are you pleased with this outcome?
The child will move on his mother said.
Does firing people improve our atmosphere at school?
Let me know!


sugar1337 said...

I don't think firing was the way to go....maybe sensitivity training or something like that for all the faculty would have done way more in the long run.  That sort of reinforcement just doesn't work so well for humans or animals for that matter.  It is better to teach someone the error of their ways than not for maybe this teacher was not astute to the damage she was doing, and I think in certain circumstances people deserve second chances for she and her class would have been the better for it.  You can also look at it this way.....was does this say to her class....screw up once and you can lose it all, instead they could use this as an opportunity to learn from one's mistakes.

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lurkynat said...

wow! what emotion!
I hope people start thinking about these issues! and write more!