Sunday, December 23, 2007

What's Cookin'?

It seems I've been graciously invited to guest host an entry here by Nat.  The topic tonight is Christmas Dinner.  Or what will you be having for Christmas Dinner? 

If you are over 40 you probably remember the Hee Haw show on TV.  One segment they often did was to stop in and ask Grandpa "What's for supper?"  And he'd rattle off a lip smackin', finger lickin' country menu.

So in that tradition and trying to stay true to this journal's purpose, I'm going to share with you all what we are having in Caneyhead tomorrow night for our Christmas meal.  And I'm inviting you to do the same.

* There will be a big pot of dumplin's cooked down with a big fat hen.

* A pan of cornbread dressing.  (I'm not good at that, but my precious sister made me up a pan that all I have to do is bake!)

* A huge bowl of fruit compote like Pete's mama used to make.

* A pot of crowder peas seasoned with bacon grease.

* Brown n' serve rolls with butter on top.

* Jalapeno's stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon for an appetizer.

* And a good ole' chocolate pie made all from scratch (including the crust) for desert.

Yum, Yum!!!!  ;o

Now, don't forget to share you menu with us!  And thanks, Nat!

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

How do you de-stress over the Holidays?

  I'm writing from Nat's blog this morning... this is certainly a first for me, and I know she will be surprised.

I haven't been following all the feature changes in our journal/blogs. I've been getting the alerts, but not reading them all. I keep thinking I'll catch up over the holidays, which has been my usual mode of operation.

I'm curious about it this new feature of adding entries into other people's journals. Following the tradition of Natalie's question asking and prompting, I do have a question. Not for Nat alone, but for anyone who reads this.

Why do we need the feature to invite others, even strangers, to make journal entries in their own blog? What do you think?

I can think of one, possibly.... if I were to become ill, had an accident, or died, my husband, if he thought of it, could add an entry to let everyone know. But if he could get to my journal in the first place, he could write one anyway... but it would identify him by my screen name, not his. Chances of my husband doing that are nil. Unless I specifically make the request of him. Which I could. Over Christmas. When he asks me what I want for Christmas, I'll say, "Steve, would you please make an entry in my journal if I suddenly die, to let my J-land friends know?" I'm sure he'd honor it if I asked him to.

Another reason I thought of was if someone wanted to add information to continue a topic that the journal author had begun, one could write much more content if it was in entry form, rather than a comment. So in this case, it's another way to write lengthier comments, as I have been known to do.

For instance, in a previous entry, Nat asked the question, "How are your Holidays going?"The more humor, writing, links, frustration and good things,the better!"

I could respond to that here. Not much humor, a sense of frustration, perhaps, and a couple of writing links follow.

Since I've decided not to put up the tree, it's gone amazingly stress free. Although, I don't know if I will feel a sense of panic the day before my son arrives with his girlfriend's family. I had invited them to come visit over the holidays. Perhaps I should decorate, I pondered. I did unpack my favorite Nativity Set and set it out at the beginning of Advent. I've bought Christmas for people on our Angel tree, but I haven't dove into the parts of the holidays that usually wreak havoc for me during those two very short weeks that I get off.

It's holiday time (beginning the 20th for me), which means I get days off, and I get paid. I'd much rather use the time for creative endeavors and introspection and visiting with family and friends than unloading and loading the attic back up again. The decorations do not make Christmas for me. Neither putting them up nor taking them down.

I cherish all the memories of Christmas trees past, with my son who always helped set it up. We put up our first Christmas tree the year he was born. It was always for him. Homemade ornaments, mine and his. Many he had made at school. It's not the same anymore. Not a complaint, just a fact.

I decided to destress my life. When you are in your fifties, you realize that some, nay many, things aren't necessary to be happy, and many more things don't contribute to the order in one's life. As for me, if I sense a state of chaos approaching, I will either get involved to be part of re-ordering it, or I will avoid it altogether. I am re-ordering how I (we) celebrate/experience Christmas, avoiding those things that have caused problems in the past.

I'm going to revisit this topic in my own journal the night before Christmas to consider how I feel about this break-away from tradition. Perhaps I will have regretted it? I don't know. I'm going to give it a try and see what happens. I'll let you know.

In answer to Nat's question about the holidays:

My holiday hasn't started yet, but I am looking forward to it. My plan is to make some miniature Nativity sets to give as gifts. I bought several creche's at Wal-Mart last year during their after Christmas sales, various sizes. They will serve as the backdrop for my polymer people. I love making them, but it takes a good deal of time.

You know me from Wanderer. I leave comments in Nat's journal often. The first time I met her was while browsing the internet at 1:30 in the morning back in December of 2005. I discovered my addiction to the internet that night, and a friendship with lurkynat began!

She has been one of my on-line friends ever since, and I just wanted to visit her in her place of writing this morning. She is a very gracious lady, a family woman. I imagine her in her home with her children, raising them, educating them. She is the mother of teens, yes, that's plural, so I can only imagine the trying times she is experiencing these days and years. I say God bless her, and wish her a "Merry Christmas!" And thank you for being a dedicated friend, Nat.

So, what do you think? How do you destress over the holidays?

                    Thanks Nat! I enjoyed writing here!   



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Thursday, December 13, 2007

John Scalzi To Leave Post, But Visit: Write Comments

Our Blogmaster and teacher and Esteemed Friend John Scalzi to Leave
on December 31, 2007.
John writes that he is content to take off, but he will leave By the Way opne for our comments.
I have learned so much from John and his writing and he and his kind family will leave a big hole here. nat
Write comments for John Here and at :By the Way:

Who would like to add entries here? Please describe and leave a link

Who would like to leave entries here? Please describe and leave us your current journal link! Thanks! nat
p.s. volunteers are needed! know who you are!:):)

Please List New Bloggers! Add Links!

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Are you a new blogger? Do you want us to come visit you?Please list your blog and put the link here with a description!Older bloggers, please list your new buddies blogs here!
thanks!:):) natalie

I almost lost you

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I almost lost you
air was silent;
earth was still
I loved
each star
each breath
of air...
The chasm
between earth and sky
almost collapsed;
and I was almost crushed
in between
I almost
lost you

have you ever experienced something like this?please let us know and leave your link.
thanks! nat

Death and Dylan Thomas

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"do not go into that good night...
rage, rage against the dying  of the light"...
Have you ever wished that a family member would rage and fight for their life?
Have you ever wished that the person would care as much for herself or himself as you do?
Please tell about this subject in your life and leave your links.
thank you.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

How are your holday going? Leave your links please

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how are your holidays going?
Please tell us, leave comment and links!:):)
The more humor, writing, links , frustration and good things, the better!
ps I am struggling too!:):)

What Do you Do on Christmas?

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Christmas is soon here! It is a blessed event for many!
Please write your own feelings about this Christmas; how it will or will not fulfill your expectations, and what you will do to make ti a nice one!
Creative Aol writers please give us good ideas on what would be fun to do as well!
love you guys:):):):) Hugggggggggggggggggggggggs,nat ....Please leave your links!

Happy Chanukah my friends! Add your thoughts and links!

Happy Chanukah my Friends!

Add your Greetings to All of Our Dear Friends Who Celebrate the Festival of Lights!
Please leave your links and comments about what this holiday means to you this year!

"One Laptop Per Child"

One Laptop Per Child
Sunday Dec. 3,2007
Sixty Minutes

Negraponti developed a laptop that can be used by the third world classmate. It's called :"the classmate". Americans can buy one classmate now until the end of December only. When one is purchased, a child in the third world will also receive one.Children have ten hours of programming in a battery. then, a child can generate more energy by turning this turnkey over a few times.
The computer cannot be ruined by water or sand. It has been used very successfullyin Cambodia and Brazil and now heis introducing it in parts of Africa. What do you think of this? please remember to always leave your link and thank you

CT exams to add ot cancer risk, New England Journal of Medicine

Nov.28, 2007

New England Journal of Medicine warns that if you take a CT test you could highten your risk of getting cancer.
Ct gives us rays that are 50-100 times more potent than xray. Our cancer rate has gone up fomr .04 to .02% in the past few years since tis technology has become available.
The Journal says that people may elect to take lower radiation levels tests. They coudl take longer but they are potentially less harmful.
So..will you take the less harmful tests?

Ramsey Asks Children's game boards to exclude fake credit cards

Ramsey Asks us Do we need credit cards in children's games?
Nov. 28,2007
Life, Monopoly and a Barbie game, plus a McDonald's activity card all give children fake credit cards!What do you think of this?

Wednesday, Nov. 28
Larry King and Shawn King Cardiac Foundation
Larry King suffered a cardiac arrest before he married his wife, 15 or 20 years ago. His dad died of a cardiac arrest when he was nine.
I was moved to see that he and his wife Shawn have paid for many people to have cardiac surgery.
King wanted people to know about the Foundation. They have a matching grant with the Quaker Oats Foundation.
What do you think of their work?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Friends ! I am so grateful for you! Please sign in and leave a link

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Dear Friends, Thanksgiving is almost here! and I am so grateful for your presence here!
Please write a comment and leave a link for all Aol !
Please have an awesome thanksgiving too ! And tell us what you're up to!Thanks!

David Ramsey's View on Debt and Credit Cards

David Ramsey's View on Debt and Credit Cards

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November 12

David Ramsey worked really hard. He amassed a great deal of money; becoming a millionaire after some time. He had grown up with out all of the extra things he thought he could afford so he plunged himself and his family into huge debt.
One bright morning he woke up and he tore up all of his credit cards. He signed on with a debt consolidation company, and even though it was no picnic he worked himself out of the debt and now he is doing okay again!
Now Ramsey hosts a national radio show and he has a video about how to get rid of your debt and start saving for yourself and your family.
Now people can start a group in their community rec center or their temple or church and help people get out of debt too with Ramsey's dvd.
Would you do this?
Do you think that more Americans save?
Do you save? have you taught your kids?
Let us know!

The Bee Problem: They were ill and Australian bees came

The Bee Problem: They were ill and Australian bees came
The Week, October 2007
Bees came from Australia and they were tired and sick. they infected our bees. Many of our bees were sick from traveling too far to pollinate the hives.


Kanye's Mom Was Killed by a Physician: talk about it

Kanye West, one of teenagers favorite idols, lost his mother to a plastic surgeon in California who did not insist that she have an evaluation before surgery and who was not board certified....
This woman was a great mother and a dear person and Kanye's inspiration and co singer on several of his tours... so... what do you think about that?
And while you are at it, what should happen to this person?She was not the only patient who suffered from his negligence.

Check For Carbon Monoxide in your Meat

Check for carbon Monoxide in your Meat

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November 12, 2007

It is now legal to sell outdated meat (beef, chicken, lamb,etc.) and make it look better by injecting carbon monoxide into it.
Please let us know what you think about this!
The only defense we have now is to check the date and make sure that you are a week away from expiration. many of you do this?
Do you think that this is fair to the public do have expired meats out there?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kelli is in danger with her family: Please comment on her journal

Kelli (noon mom) is in trouble.
javascript:openBlogThis('/_do/blog_this', 'Blog_This', '', 'update');
Please visit her blog and offer your thoughts and prayers for a successful evacuation form the terrible fire and prayers that her child Amber's friend get home safe. thank you.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey Publicize Autism of her son

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Go on Google and look up this link or other links. Jenny and Jim are saying that autism can be helped by good parenting and it is enormously time consuming but a difference can be made , at least in some autistic children's lives, by spending  a lot of time and by reading her new book. What do you think?

Big Gold DepositsFound in Alaska;What Should we Do?

Big Gold Deposits Found in Alaska; What do we Do?'s+Magnificent+Bristol+Bay+Fisheries+at+Risk/
Thursday, September 18,2007
Bristol Bay is one of the spawning grounds for salmon. It also is the home of tons of gold.
Northern Dynasty Minerals of Canada would like to excavate 300 billion dollars worth of gold.
Please tell us what you think should happen.

blocking adds on your phones

It is time to call the number and ask them not to allow adds on our phones again!
the time expired!
okay/ you still have the telephone number?!!!

Freegans : What do you make of it?
What do you think of Freegans?
I read something  about an executive who had been on Wall Street and now she's dumpster diving; not because of poverty, but because she thinks it is a better lifestyle!
I have posted a link from Google and they do have more info on them... sooo
let me know what you think.
Some of you may like their caring of animals, while some of you think that they are not capitalists really.....

Monday, September 17, 2007

China Spends Big time for Olympics

The Week
September , 2007
China is spending hundreds of millions to construct buildings to house and showcase the upcoming Olympics!
Most, including me, have not the cash to attend...
I'm just curious..would you go? Are you interested?
Let us know!

Baby Einstein: Results were Varied

Baby Einstein touted itself as a way to educate a baby while in utero!(in the mother).
I was interested to read that studies had proven otherwise.
(APA August).
I am curious: is this what you expected? Or did you think babies in the womb could develop bigger and more brilliant minds before birth?
uhh....just curious!
Let me know what you think!

You Are Still here!

I have struggled
and you guys cared!
I had an unexpected death
and funeral,
my teen's captain
got a skull fracture
and we had another friend
through all my trouble
you guys
are still here!
Thank you!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Blogs that bring you home

These blogs make you feel at home and feel all cozy inside!:

And Paul! For a bit of home in Canada:

Penny brings a heartwarming view of her home and family and her past life:

And this is a good one! Sam talks about his family and his home at the docks!

Carly talks about all fo the things in her adventurous life:

Oh and Monponsett! She is at home with the major sports tezms in the US! But Also, she tells us about hom;

Blogs That Give Inspiration and Courage


Blogs that Give Inspiration and courage:

Caroline: She writes about her belief and her life ina positive and sincere light!

Dawn inspires many too!

And Shauneen! Her stories are funny; so funny that i forget my woes!


Sugar is a great comforter here and as a Minister she has always soothed many hearts world wide:

Dawn inspires us to look beyond illness for humor and hope:


De inspires and brings joy to many about her family and her life as a nurse in the hospital:

Barbara inspires us too with her humorous tales of family and home:

For a historical view about Christianity and Islam that will make you think, try Carolyn's view:

Blogs that Tell Tales

Blogs that Tell Tales:



I want to tell you about some good blogs. this entry is about blogs that tell stories.

Lori tells wonderful stories so I'm starting with her. She does a great job of story telling.

Guido tells tles about Scotland and about his life:

Marti tells lots of fun family stories:

Kelli talk about adventures in family life:

Bea talks about many adventures in school and in her own life! Discoveries too:


When you go, a poem


Google assembled these gerat pictures


A poem...

When you go

When you go

who will

I laugh with?Cry with?

tell jokes with?

When you go

who will

hold me? cajole me? make me laugh?

Will I be able to

kiss you goodbye?

Or only kiss

Your coffin

You have been

My right side

Mother's glory

Daddy's wisdom

You  always

guided us...

Why does God need you?


What Would you Like in Assignments?Scalzi

What Would you Like in Assignments:Scalzi


Google assembled these wonderful phtotos. o Google! They are awesome!

So if you've done this assignment, please leave your link. Also, please leave your link anyway with comments!

for me?

I love Scalzi's assignments! Many have been hilarious and they brighten up my day! Many have sretched my"grey matter"! and all have been fun!

The travel ones and the "give us  the very funniest moment of your life" ones are soooooo fun! :)

So now it's your turn!



Scalzi's assignment: Bacon or Tv?

Bacon or Tv?

John Scalzi wants to know which we could live without on a desert island....

Google assembled these pictures. yey Google!


Please write your comments at the end of this with your link! If you have written this up ina timely fashion, please leave the link and we will read it!


For me the bacon would have to go!

TV movies are awesome and now some networks are including good series!

One of my favorite family series is "Survivor" and that new Pirate show. How about you?

Oh and do you have a favorite movie this summer?I want to see No Reservations. Bourne Supremacy was very fun! anyone go?

Friday, July 27, 2007

hi guys!

HI Guys!:):):):)

For a long while I could not reach you! That smarts!

Camping has been great this summer and my kid learning how to drive has been...

well you know!

Drop me a line and tell me how your summer has been! K!


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yerba Mate':good for you: would you drink it?: it helps save rain forest people

Google assembled these pictures

Yerba Mate: Guayaki Company

Would you drink a tea if you knew it helps the people in the rainforest sustain themselves and keep the rainforest intact? Yerba mate does that and Guayaki writes in its' tea boxes about the work that their company does with the rainforest and its' people.It uses the second largest rainforest in Paraguay. The amount of antioxcidants is huge; much larger than in other drinks.

This is another link which shows that Argentenians also drink the Herba mate' in those gourds with the family all around them! It has become avery social drink for sharing with friend and family.

So tell us ; would you try it?


Dutch Producers Offer a Kidney Competition for a Game show: Is this Ethical?

Google assembled these pictures

Dutch Producers Provide a Show That Awards Kidneys to Winners ; As a Hoax: Do you Approve?

On June 2, 2007 these producers talked people in Holland into beleiveing that one contestant would win a kidney.

They did this because there are virtually not many kidney donations in Holland at the moment and they wanted to raise public awarness and governmental awareness of this problem.

They were able to get 12,000 people interested in returning papers to donate kidneys.

Is this method ethical? Should Merican proucers try it for critical shortfalls in our medical world?

tell us what you think!


Tags: ,Holland, Netherlands, bioethics, ethics of the free press, effective journalising, Jland survey, kidney issues

Urban Cactus: The New Ecological High Rise in Holland!

Google assembled these pictures

Urban Cactus: the New Ecological Highrise in Holland!

Rotterdam has rushed to the forefront of ecological experiments  with its' urban cactus!What do you make of it?

Do you think it makes us think more about respecting the environment? Do you think it might be ecologically sucha great statement? Or do you find it trite and meaningless? let us know!