Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Blogs That Give Inspiration and Courage


Blogs that Give Inspiration and courage:

Caroline: She writes about her belief and her life ina positive and sincere light!

Dawn inspires many too!

And Shauneen! Her stories are funny; so funny that i forget my woes!


Sugar is a great comforter here and as a Minister she has always soothed many hearts world wide:

Dawn inspires us to look beyond illness for humor and hope:


De inspires and brings joy to many about her family and her life as a nurse in the hospital:

Barbara inspires us too with her humorous tales of family and home:

For a historical view about Christianity and Islam that will make you think, try Carolyn's view:


bgilmore725 said...


bhbner2him said...

What a sweet review!  And I'm honored to be listed among such company.  -  Barbara

erarein63 said...

Thanks for the review, sweetie!  I know some of these and the rest I'll have to visit.  De ;)

sugarsweet056 said...

Feel honored to be on this list. I know several of these & will have to visit the others.
God bless,

princesssaurora said...


kamdghwmw said...

I will have to check some of them out!

shauneenie said...

Hi Nat!!Thank you sweetie pie for adding me to the list.Will check out some of the ones I dont know! Love and hugs,Shauneen