Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Blogs that bring you home

These blogs make you feel at home and feel all cozy inside!:

And Paul! For a bit of home in Canada:

Penny brings a heartwarming view of her home and family and her past life:

And this is a good one! Sam talks about his family and his home at the docks!

Carly talks about all fo the things in her adventurous life:

Oh and Monponsett! She is at home with the major sports tezms in the US! But Also, she tells us about hom;


erarein63 said...

Again, I'll have to take a peek...De ;)

sugarsweet056 said...

I know 2, will have to check out the others. :)

springangel235 said...


klconard1 said...


manda2177 said...

please visit
Kaite is a wonderful story teller and makes you laugh and inspires us for greatness!  
She deserves a shout out. :)

God bless-

lifesabench6 said...

Thank you Natalie- what an excellent way for people to see so many great journals!  Thank you so much.  Have a great rest of the summer.  God Bless Nat!  Carolyn :)

ktkamanski said...

I really enjoy YOUR reads and your choices! Thank you for sharing! Hope your tomorrow brings you some cooler temps. Have a wonderful day and enjoy.

gaboatman said...

Thanks for the nice mention!  You've got some great choices here.

y2cooljadeegsdcx said...

good way to advertise blogs avertise this one and take a look

ondinemonet said...

Hey Natalie :)

Please forgive me sweetheart for not getting by sooner, to say thank you for the lovely mention. You are so special to me, and I appreciate you a lot. Take good care sweetie, and have a wonderful week!

Hugs, Carly

am4039 said...


ondinemonet said...

Hey Natalie

I miss you sweetie... hope you are ok. I wrote about you today, drop by and have a look when you can.

Hugs, Carly

yourphantom007 said...

Will have to check them out. Enjoyed reading your journal. Phan

monponsett said...

I'm the anchorman...kinda small and female for it, but Sweet!