Monday, February 11, 2008

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Can We Stop the Killing of the Rainforest?

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"African rain forests lose out to empty bellies"
by Edward Harris
Harris discusses the tragedy of wonderful rain forests in Central Africa, and Brazil and how people are chopping down trees at an alarming rate there.
( he mentions Nigeria). Harris then quotes scientists who predict tht we need these trees to stop the spreading of global climate change.
Surprisingly Harris points out that 20% of our man made carbon dioxide emissions come from burning and rotting trees in these ares , which sends more heat into the atmosphere than all of the planes, cars and trucks combined.
On teh other hand, he points out that healthy forests conserve carbon dioxide.
The December 2007 session of the U.N. enclosed a global plan to help compensate countries for preserving theri rain forstes but it has not yet been acted on..
What do you think of deforestation? Should the world try to prevent this? How? Please leave your link. Thank you!

Clear People loose their privacy for convenience: Is That Good?

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Clear People Loose Theri Privacy for Convenience: Is that Worth is to you?
"Let me make this Perfectly Clear, Hurry Up."
by Hank Steuver
The Washington Post
Feb. 3, 2008

Stuever says that twelve airports in America are a part of the Registered Traveler program; put together by the federal government . Ninety thousand people have enrolled and paid $100.00. After that  he said, people pay an extra $28.00 to give the federal government an opportunity to"check them out".
Next he writes, these people are fingerprinted into a data base and an eyeball scan is done.Clear is the name of the company who does all of this work.After a person has passed all of these tests, they are presented with a clear i.d. card with a square blue logo that says "clear".Is this something that you would welcome ? Would you participate in it?
Stuever refers to the writer Ayn Rand about Clears ; calling them a part of the "self-determinant struggle". He sayus that Clears are simple and speedy people and you either like the idea or not.
Do, do you like Clear? Would you sign up or not? Please leave your links, Thanks!

Is it okay to you that scientists want to create their own lifeforms?

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Is It Okay to You that Scientists are creating artificial life forms by creating artificial DNA in laboratories?
"Designer Genes: Synthetic by Rick Weiss
The Washington Post Sat. Dec. 30, 2007
Weiss points out that the first DNA was created  in  a test tube 50 years ago. For example , then a gene could be inserted a a corn plant against drought.
But, he said it was only recently that life forms can be created . A group of scientists in Maryland made the worlds' first handmade chromosome. Weiss says that this chromosome is "a large looping strand of Dna" made there that has the chromosomes to live and to reproduce."In 2008 Weiss says that they will plant the chromosome in a live cell and "see what it wants to do." He calls this a water shed event..what do you think?
the House of Representatives has outlawed cloning but not the Senate (not's still pending), so ecco the loophole. Anthropologist Paul Rabinow says that "this makes evolutionary processes no longer sacred or inviolable.(He is an anthropologist.) What do you think? please let us know and leave your link.
For my behalf I think we should contact our senators.TY

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hijacking Interface.

Sloppy and I just thought we'd send some snow to you in Arid-zona.