Monday, February 11, 2008

Is it okay to you that scientists want to create their own lifeforms?

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Is It Okay to You that Scientists are creating artificial life forms by creating artificial DNA in laboratories?
"Designer Genes: Synthetic by Rick Weiss
The Washington Post Sat. Dec. 30, 2007
Weiss points out that the first DNA was created  in  a test tube 50 years ago. For example , then a gene could be inserted a a corn plant against drought.
But, he said it was only recently that life forms can be created . A group of scientists in Maryland made the worlds' first handmade chromosome. Weiss says that this chromosome is "a large looping strand of Dna" made there that has the chromosomes to live and to reproduce."In 2008 Weiss says that they will plant the chromosome in a live cell and "see what it wants to do." He calls this a water shed event..what do you think?
the House of Representatives has outlawed cloning but not the Senate (not's still pending), so ecco the loophole. Anthropologist Paul Rabinow says that "this makes evolutionary processes no longer sacred or inviolable.(He is an anthropologist.) What do you think? please let us know and leave your link.
For my behalf I think we should contact our senators.TY


kamdghwmw said...

I do not think that we should be making people to look a certain. I think if people want to do that I think they are making a big mistake.

psychfun said...

Hitler would be very happy! I hope the thing eats the scientist & then implodes! How is that. I'm in quite a mood today huh! CRAZY! They are playing with God & Mother Nature and they will kill us! Why aren't they using this to cure diseases etc. I just don't get them. God forbid the politicans think they can create more of their own constituents! Or worse yet...more politicians! Gee who could they bring back, JFK, MLK, Elvis...oh wait he is still alive!

sugar1337 said...

I am all for this type of thing if done to better human kind by way of healing people or making crops better for areas that could normally not having them or even making it so parents with a certain bad genetic loading like a mental illness to get rid of that, but to just do it because you can isn't a smart idea.

bhbner2him said...


monponsett said...

I'd like to clone myself, age the clone rapidly somehow... then hang around with myself.