Monday, February 11, 2008

Clear People loose their privacy for convenience: Is That Good?

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Clear People Loose Theri Privacy for Convenience: Is that Worth is to you?
"Let me make this Perfectly Clear, Hurry Up."
by Hank Steuver
The Washington Post
Feb. 3, 2008

Stuever says that twelve airports in America are a part of the Registered Traveler program; put together by the federal government . Ninety thousand people have enrolled and paid $100.00. After that  he said, people pay an extra $28.00 to give the federal government an opportunity to"check them out".
Next he writes, these people are fingerprinted into a data base and an eyeball scan is done.Clear is the name of the company who does all of this work.After a person has passed all of these tests, they are presented with a clear i.d. card with a square blue logo that says "clear".Is this something that you would welcome ? Would you participate in it?
Stuever refers to the writer Ayn Rand about Clears ; calling them a part of the "self-determinant struggle". He sayus that Clears are simple and speedy people and you either like the idea or not.
Do, do you like Clear? Would you sign up or not? Please leave your links, Thanks!


cayasm said...

Hi Nat, ltns I've travelled to the States a few times and had the fingerprint etc don I don't mind however I can see how it would affect privacy, I just don't like the Big Brother is watching you aspect.

kamdghwmw said...

I might let my children do that since they do travel a lot.

psychfun said...

Absolutely not. In fact a town near me is doing DNA (the cops) for the kids so they can identify them better if they get lost I guess. Hasn't anyone seen Minority Report...they will just figure out ways to alter finger prints & eye scans too. We think Identity theft is a problem now...oh boy! And really what do these things do that you can't do in any padge type of way...ok so there was The 5th Element too & they alter badges but at least that is a number or scan of something other than my body. My privacy! If they can't hook up a number to clear me than what is to see they will not screw this up is just different data. Nothing is full proof anyways! And most of the problems are due to human error! Things getting past security because they are not doing their job properly. It is just some company trying to capitalize on all of this. Especially for that amount of money. Why not tie it in with the DL or state ID? Of course...hmmm bias company or govt employees...yes I'm one too I say that warmly but knowing darn well also! I forsee major problems with this...I won't say I told you so then I'll just be smiling on this end of my computer.

sugar1337 said...

I think a better use of time and money would be to have an air marshall in civis on all flights with a gun.  If someone really wants on a plane with whatever they want to bring they will, but having some sort of authority up in the air with everyone would make me feel a lot safer and wouldn't intrude on people's privacy.

sunnyside46 said...