Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Human Pampolona Virus:According to CBS 45% 0f women 15 to 25 have gotten this.

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February 28,2007

According to a CBS reporter today, 45% of young women between 15 and 25 years of age have gotten the Human Pampollona Virus.

You might recall Paul Little of "Aurora Walking Vacation" wrote about a shot that his wife had found out to prevent against getting this. disease that was being offered to young girls and young women.Paul  and I discussed this matter and asked you what you thought about the vaccine.

Please tell us now..thanks!


Millions of Bees Dead: Okay guys, What's happening here?

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CBS News

February 28, 2007

CBS reporters from Florida and California stated that there are now millions of bees who ahve died and we do not know what from!

One reporter said that this is sever and to quote Einstein , he said:" Four years after the bees die the people die."

We need bees to produce fruit and we cannot manage very well without them.

So I ask you Jland, what do you think is causing this? How can we resolve it?

Please leave a comment and a link.




Thursday, February 22, 2007

Loan Sharks: What they don't tell you may hurt you

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Some banks invited poeple to take out loans that would not cost anything for a time.. some people signed up.

Some banks then decided that due to the fact that they needed the money sooner than alter, the people's balloon payment would be due in short order...

Now many of those people have had to pout theri property up for foreclosure which doe not help the people, the economy or the lenders..

What do you think of these practices? let us know



Share Your Computer Nightmare:Scalzi's assignment

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Share Your Computer Nightmare

I remember that I had so much information on files on my computer and the computer was "mad" :(..It wanted to dump everything!:(

Well... I finally got credit for the work already turned in...because my prof had wanted me to compile her info with mine....and that was too much for the computer!'s your turn now... tell su what happened and leave us a link! TY

The Dream Girls: Will you go see it? And Will you watch the Oscars?


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The Dream Girls: would you go and see it?

I saw the Dream Girls last was awesome! The acting is unbelieveable! The script is great! It is true to its'era as far as important events, attitudes, and life styles.

It has a couple of adult issues . The costumes are to die for!

What do you think? Will you watch it on DVD ?


Will you watch the Academy Awards? Whoare you routing for?

I liked the Teen Idol candidate from alst year adn she's up and the woman who played Queen Elisabeth is up.

There is an interesting Spanihs dubbed movie about a village from teh Man of La Mancha is Spain that I would liek to see. Let us know! And please include your link!


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A poem: Ode to The Intrepid Wanderer

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Ode to the Intrepid Wanderer

I shall miss you;

Your notches remain ;

Dug in the mast;


Of voyages ,


Wonderful days

in the past

Yes there were many...

Your dreams

Surround me;

A dolphin's run,

A sailfish's jump...

Your favorite dish

On the ferry, at sunset...

Your smile


My dreams


Saturday, February 17, 2007

What are they saying?:Scalzi's assignment

What are they saying?:Scalzi's assignment

Tell us what you think Scalzi's adorable pets are saying!

I'm thinking:

"Do you know where my ball is?"

followed by:

"Not interested! Don't come any closer you pigeon chaser!"

Now it's your turn!

Please tell us, or leave us the link to your entry!TY



Saturday, February 10, 2007

Valentines' Day:real or not?:Scalzi's assignment

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Valentines' Day: real or not?Scalzi's assignment



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I think Valntines' Day is fun! It has always made me think of appreciating people and love. I like the story of Saint Valentine because he would not cop out on his own belief in love, God, and people.

What about you? Do you think it is fun? or just commercial? do you buy gifts and go out?Please post your links as well.

tell us! And what is your favorite romantic movie?hugs


ps Happy Valentines Day Jland!


Thursday, February 8, 2007

Please visit Kate's blog:she has a prayer request

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Please visit Kate's blog: She has aprayer request.

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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Please Visit Sugarsweet056 "ALittle Bit of Sugar"blog


Please go visit Sugarsweet056 at her blog "ALittleBitofSugar".

She has pneumonia and we are worried about her.

Please offer her positive thoughts and prayers. TY

PS please write a blog requesting this as well for you Jlanders who have the time.TY


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Friday, February 2, 2007

Poem:Do not Dance on my Grave

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Do Not Dance on my Grave
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Preface:This is a fictional account of a grandfather wanting more for his grandchild.


Do not dance

On my grave

Little one...

Though many have;

and will...


They need you

To run

The flock

Down the hill

To paint a



Dream on : persist

And in

Your Quest


A bearing

More than most;

A new route;

A different sight

Will grant

A maiden voyage


Set sail

to Sea;

And Look


than I've offered


Don't give in

To arrogance

And sloth; no!

Trudge on

And the map

Is yours


Thursday, February 1, 2007

Tell us About the First Superbowl you Remember:Scalzi's assignment

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Tells the First Superbowl you Remember:Scalzi's assignment

I am going to mention some games that stood out for me because they were dramatic!

Chicago Bear v.s. New England , 1985, 49-10 (sorry they lost Monponsett:()

1994 SF 49ers v.s. San Diego Chargers 49-26 (You go Carly! And I'm so sorry Penny!)...:):(

Uh... 1996 Green by Packers v.s. NE. PAtriots! 35-21

Yeah! they won Hadonfield!

So sorry Dawn, Smurfette and Charley!

Okay, now it's your turn!

Leave us your stories! and your links! TY and HAvea great Superbowl! Oh

and  what do you guys think about the upcoming Superbowl? I know Minnesota fans are really psyched! you? let us know Jland! And I wihs eahc and everyone of you a faboulous Superbolw! I know Joyce, Tracy, Barbara and Bea, Dawn and Caroline and Liz are laready carving us afeast! How about you Sug? Dan? Paul?(do they watch in Canada Paul?) hugs