Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Human Pampolona Virus:According to CBS 45% 0f women 15 to 25 have gotten this.

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February 28,2007

According to a CBS reporter today, 45% of young women between 15 and 25 years of age have gotten the Human Pampollona Virus.

You might recall Paul Little of "Aurora Walking Vacation" wrote about a shot that his wife had found out to prevent against getting this. disease that was being offered to young girls and young women.Paul  and I discussed this matter and asked you what you thought about the vaccine.

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plittle said...

  The HPV vaccine from Merck is available now. Ask your Doctor for information. Some states are discussing the possibility of adding the vaccine to their list of mandatory shots given to every child. Many are playing a waiting game, because Glaxo Smith Kline also has an HPV vaccine coming out, and when it is available, there will be some competition, so prices for the vaccine should go down.

pharmolo said...

It's difficult for me to comment, apart from saying that I've heard a vaccine is available and would strongly recommend all women to be vaccinated.

kamdghwmw said...

I think that it is way to early for me to even think about it. Not because of my age but because the shot is so new, and they do not know the long term effects of it. Example: when I was in the fourth grade I got the chicken pox so bad that I was almost put into the hospital. I had the pox all over my body and even on the inside of my private. When the chicken pox shopt came out my mom pushed me into getting it for them. Now I find out the shot is only good for ten years. So what happens when they become young adults and do not get another shot? Do they get shingles?
About eight years ago I started getting into holistic medicine. I would try anything before chemo and radition.

sunnyside46 said...

45%! almost half!?
My daughter got her first sot, (it's a series of 3) the other day. I am glad to be able to do something to protect her.

carolhehe said...

I have mixed feelings about this issue I guess. Why can't we just educate these kids to the horror of sexual sleep arounds. But if my daughter was sexually active, I would want her to tell me so I could educate her then give her the shots. I wouldn't advocate what she was doing though. But to give girls shots for just in case I don't think so. Keep dem panties on!

sugar1337 said...

They have made it mandatory in Texas for certain girls of a certain age, even though people are trying to refute that.  I think it is woman's decision or a young girl agreeing along with her parents type of decision.  I don't think enough research has been done from what I have heard to understand the long term effects of such a vaccine, but I think it should be available to those that want to use it.  However, it has nothing to do with like so many people think with young women going out there and being promiscuous.  Just look at how many women get raped if nothing else even if they are virgins.   That is one of the reasons why I promote the use of birth control in women who aren't sexually active too, but that is another topic.  So ya....I think this topic will bring a lot of controversy, but hopefully it does help some women too.

lifesabench6 said...