Thursday, February 22, 2007

Share Your Computer Nightmare:Scalzi's assignment

Google assembled these pictures

Share Your Computer Nightmare

I remember that I had so much information on files on my computer and the computer was "mad" :(..It wanted to dump everything!:(

Well... I finally got credit for the work already turned in...because my prof had wanted me to compile her info with mine....and that was too much for the computer!'s your turn now... tell su what happened and leave us a link! TY


bgilmore725 said...

No major nightmares related to my computer, yet. I found out last week that all those wonderful animated tags I've been saving onto my computer are probably what's slowing performance down. So I'll be working to transfer the ones I want to keep for journal purposes onto my file manager, then I can delete them from my computer. Once, while I was using the word processor to write a story, I was well into 20 pages or more of it when the computer turned off suddenly (distant storm), and I had not saved a single page. That was the worst that happened. I had to retype the whole thing, as best I could, but never could recall the exact wording... now I save more often as I work. bea

sunnyside46 said...

Lightninig strike!
I mourned my old computer like a long lost friend...and I did lose touch with my dear J-land friends for a while.

iiimagicxx said...

I cant count the number of computer nightmares I went through. For an addict of the little keyboard and screen, it is the worst that can happen, I never realised before how nasty I could be :D

springangel235 said...

Old computers that bit the dust...due to a virus unknown...hope your weekend is a good one...hugs,