Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nelson Demille: Have you Read his books?

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I think I have written about him before. Have you read his books?
He is a great story teller. He writes at great length about the historical aspects of New Jersey; aspects that you may not have heard about.
He is a good read and his humor is dry.
Take your time and wait for the story! It's a great ride!
What is your favorite book lately?

Happy New Year! How is it starting out? Leave links please

Happy New Year!
How is is starting?
Let us know!(Please leave links....

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I can say that I've never been happier to be with you guys in Jland!
Your fellowship is great! The challenges are awesome!
I think challenges might be fun this new year and I would like our European Jlanders and other Jlanders to talk more !
I have felt challenged by seeing people in pain... how are things for you? let us know!

Benazir Abutto's Assasination:How Did you Feel?

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Benazir Abutto's Assasination
Beanazir Abutto  was a great woman leader in Pakistan . She walked without a veil covering her face. She was very intelligent and well spoken. I beleive her people loved her for her courage. It is thought that she stood strong and that Alkeide did not like this.
It was such a terrible travesty against the free world and against all fo the things we hold dear in this country.
My deepest Condolences go out to her family, her constituents and her country.
Please list your feelings and condolences along with your links.
This stung me. It happened right along Christmas and it was terribly sad for me.
I recently had to visit ill relatives.Sorry for the delay.
 Please write your condolences and your feelings about Abutto's assasination.