Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nelson Demille: Have you Read his books?

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I think I have written about him before. Have you read his books?
He is a great story teller. He writes at great length about the historical aspects of New Jersey; aspects that you may not have heard about.
He is a good read and his humor is dry.
Take your time and wait for the story! It's a great ride!
What is your favorite book lately?


libragem007 said...

Hi Nat,
How are you? It's been a while huh? :-)
I hope you had a wonderful holidays and wishing you all the good things in 2008!

Take care,
Gem :-)

bhbner2him said...

Books?!  I haven't had the time for a book in I don't know when.  Last one I read was Cold, Sassy Tree.  -  Barbara

sunnyside46 said...

I haven't read him, but I will on your reccommendation
I a reading James Patterson's new book. He is a quick,exciting read always.

sugarsweet056 said...

Haven't read him.

lifesabench6 said...

Hi Nat- I dn't think I've ever heard of him before.  Right now we're reading the Chronicles of Narnia again, this time we're reading them all as a family;-)  Have a good weekend Nat- God Bless, and thank you for your encouraging comment~ Love Carolyn  PS, send me a few ideas of non controversial topics and I'll pick one to write on interface- Thanks Nat~

helmswondermom said...


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monponsett said...

Never read his stuff... but I do have a pet turtle named Tippy.

dornbrau said...

Hah!  I just read Night Fall.  Never heard of the guy before although I had heard of a few of the movied based on his novels.  After this book though I am inspired to read more.  He is indeed a very gifted writer.  And no, I didn't cheat and skip to the end, which made the end of the story extra amazing!