Sunday, April 18, 2010

What did Iceland's ash do to Eurpe?

April 15, 2010

Iceland's Volcanic Ash halts flights across Europe
by Robert Barr and Jill Landers

An ash cloud from Iceland's volcano halted any flights in and out of Europe. tens of thousands of people are stranded. It is not sure when they can fly again.
We are feeling sad and troubled for the stranded passengers and for the European , who are effectively isolated from an air travel for awhile...
Please think about these people and send them your good thoughts and prayers...
we hope that they will be ok... They are our friends...

Poilsh President Lech Kacynski died ina a plane crash

BBC News
April 10,2010

The Polish President Mr. Kaczynski died suddenly after his plane crashed mysteriously in Russia with his top aids. The pilot ignored requests for him not to land...
Mr. Kaczynski was a great leader and a good friend to the United States .
We are very sad for their loss and the loss to the world.An investigation is pending...
Please leave your thoughts and comments for the Polish people.