Thursday, June 8, 2006

Al -Zarqowi is Death: Iraq Loses a Major Alquaida Leader

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Al Zarqawi is Dead :Iraq Loses a Major Alquaida Leader

CBS News

Iraqi troops, with the help of US and Allied troops, have succeeded in taking out this leader. There will still be fighting CBS has announced, but the well orchestrated terror that this man has done is gone.

It is a major victory for Iraq for their safety.The President of Iraq was quoted in saying that this leader wanted a war in Islam itself.

I'm thinking of  our troops and Allied troops there today and wishing them well!Leave comments for troops if you like.


sugarsweet056 said...

Prayers for our troops! May God guide them safely through their stay & bring them back home to us soon.

monponsett said...

One "loses" a leader, not "looses."

I like the fact that AZ was sleeping in a "safe" house, not doing anything to anyone (at the moment), when... out of nowhere... death come streaking in from the skies. Very 9-11ish.

I hope the building collapsed on him, so he had another reason to enjoy Allah's subtle sense of humor.