Sunday, November 5, 2006

Friends I am so Thankful for You!Please write about you!

Google did these pictures

Friends in JLand! I am so thankful for you!

My Buddy Penny (Firestorm4kids) asked us to list who and what we are thankful for this month!

So guess what??? I'm thankful for you!

Please write a few lines about yourself with your link;

telling us how it is going with you and what you are writing about lately!

And I think you are the Polar Bear's pyjamas! Really!

really amazing! hugs!



libragem007 said... are just as sweet! :-)
Funny, I was already thinking of writing what I'm thankful for this is going to be quite a long post because I'm gonna look back from the first of the year lol.
I have so much to Thankful for..I don't know where to begin.
hmmnnn..being in Jland is one of them.

Take care,
Gem :-)

{Sig}*Today is A Gift that's why it's called The Present.*

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readmereadyou said...

Thank you. : )

Not writing much in my journal.....You know about me. It's you that are quite secretive and don't think I haven't noticed. : )

I'm thankful for everything and everyone in my life. And life in general, laughter, love, health, friends and family,  the sky, nature, the universe.......and heat in the winter and air coditioning in the summer. I'm thankful to God for all blessings and all that's good in my life and for getting me through the bad that has been and may be. My cup overflowtheth : )

jeanno43 said...

Ah how sweet of you.  So nice to know that we are all friends here in J-Land. Well, I have been writing very mundane things about my kitchen but hey, an entry is better than no entry.  Have a great week.

eml625 said...

Thank you Nat....J-land is a special place for sure ! Have a great day


sugarsweet056 said...

What I'm thankful for...FOR GOD'S LOVE! And a lot of other things too! One is having you as my online friend! {{ }}
Write a few lines about myself??? Just check out my journals, that'll tell my story better.
Bless you,

lifesabench6 said...


pharmolo said...

bobandkate said...

I am really grateful for my family. My husband and two children rock my world. I am grateful for J'land and my friends there and the fantastic experience of blogging. Thanks for asking the question Natalie. You reminded me to remember how lucky I am,

ravenjuiced said...


dpoem said...

Aww...  Thanks Natalie.  You are special to me, and because of that, the smiles in my world come a little easier.

As for me, well...  It's going well.  I'm just a goof living in Milwaukee on the shores of Lake Michigan where the dark gray stormy clouds of winter are starting to pile up like a threat.  But, as we move through winter, the columns of vapor rise from the water to the clouds to create a terrifyingly beautiful and surreal seascape.  

The writing is going pretty well.  I've been desperately trying to write two novels covering two entirely different subjects and themes, and I've really not had much time to pour into my journal.  Hopefully, I will find a way to manage my time and inspiration in a way that will make everything nice and easy.  But, right now, I feel as though I'm leaping upon shaky, little lily-pads.  

Anyway, time for this goof to wander.  Have a great day and be happy!


jlocorriere05 said...

I'm thankful for having friends online and offline, for having a job and being able to travel! I've been writing about the annual London to Brighton Veteran Car Run which I saw yesterday, 492 cars rode in it dating from 1895-1906! Jeannette xx  

bgilmore725 said...

Hi Nat... I know you're wondering where I am, but my alerts are piling up and getting around to all my favorite journals is taking more time than I have in one night. Who and what am I thankful for? Of course, my husband and son, my friends in the neighborhood, at church, and on-line. I am thankful for the great people I work with at school, for my home, for cars that run, and showers of hot water. I am thankful for affordable books, and eager students, and parents who help their kids at home with homework. I am thankful to have been given patience, endurance, and persistence. I am thankful for the beliefs I have been brought up with, and the ones I have acquired after considering the alternatives. I am ever so thankful for the grace of God above all things.  Bea

sugar1337 said...

Not much going on with me, since I have had to stay home alot due to my PTC.  But I have been dealing with a lot of graduation stuff.  I have been writting about all sorts of things in my blog from movie reviews, to news updates on news stuff that interests me, to just daily life stuff, and other stuff that relates to my life or interests me.

shermeen0621 said...

Sorry I'm so late getting around. I love those pics!

Lets see, a little about me!?? I'm super stressed right now, school and financial problems. I'm missing Adam like always, but i'm looking into saving up to surprise him for Christmas. I'm happy that we're almost into a new year because I need my luck to turn around. But more than anything Adam will be moving over here and we won't have to go through the pain of saying goodbye again!

Shermeen xx