Thursday, November 9, 2006

What were your favorite children's books?(Scalzi's assignment)

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What Were Your Favorite Children's Books?

(Scalzi's assignment)

My parents read all of the time. We thought as children that they rewuired us to read the classics so that we could read all of the time like them!:)

I loved the Grimms and Anderson  Stories; they really hit home hard and they had a lot to say.

The women in Little Women were very heroic and they always found a way to overcome difficult obstacles. They were very caring and compassionate of others less fortunate and I admired that.

Oliver Twist taught me alot about unfortunate circumstances and how one child could struggle trying to get away from these people and circumstances.It was a very well composed book.

A Tale of Two Cities told about Paris when the poor people liberated France from the royal family by killing them. Dickens paints fascinating portraits here as well.

It's your turn! Please write down your favorite bookd from childhood.






readmereadyou said...

I'm odd......But then, I've always been. My favorite book at the age of 12 was quotations of Freud. I know.....I'm strange. Well, he got me started reading psychology. Although, he was off on many things, if it wasn't for him and others like him...Jung, for example, those with mental illnesses would still be locked away like animals in cages.......Is it any wonder I got younger as I got older? LOL!

lifesabench6 said...

I used to absolutely love the old Nancy Drew books and when I was real little, curious George was my  favorites.  Carolyn

onemoretina said...

    I used to love the 'Little House' series.  'Little House in the Big Woods' was my favorite, because it was the first one that my teacher read to us, and I remember that I couldn't wait till the afternoon rolled around, and we would get to hear her read the next chapter.  Tina

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sugar1337 said...

I posted mine...I am a Dickens Fan too.  :)