Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Rose

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The Rose

She looked down at the rose in her book. It was carefully preserved; the color still vital and the memory still fantastic!She drifted a moment... back to the day when she recieved it.

I was a beautiful morning; her boy friend had taken a walk with her through the park to feed the ducks. He ducked bak into his car as they neared her house and he pulled out these lovely roses! A dozen of them!For her!

She still remembered the pride in his face as he looked over at her and he said:"Here.. these are for you!"

Wow! She had almost keeled over!A smile had graced her face as she colored." you!"

"Grace? umm.. Can we go out?"

She smiled again...

There was always something enchanting about him... so real and so caring...she smirked although sometimes he showed his caring in very unusual ways...



sugarsweet056 said...

Just lovely. :)
Hugs, Sugar

wfhbear said...

I also give flowers and other things as the mood strikes me. Just little things to show my love. But, I also do it by a touch or a smile or even a stare. Regards, Bill.

caromarls said...

Amazing how objects, colors and smells take us back to situations from the past. Almost as if we were still there! Hugs, Caroline

ravenjuiced said...

Wow Nat, where did this come from? Loved this entry. Roses are my favorite. They give me the greatest heartache in the garden, and any other plant that I have to fight that hard for has long ago died, but roses are worth the fight.


shermeen0621 said... and romance. i still have the first flowers adam ever gave me. picked them from the woods for me and i pressed them inside a book and brought them home with me. good memories :)

sherms xx

bgilmore725 said...

Nice, Nat... I loved Bill's response regarding what he gives..."a stare" to show his love for someone. I love that one! Very romantic what you have started here. Is your anniversary coming up, my dear? Bea

shauneenie said...

Loved this piece! Made me think!(Been married 16 years and I have been wondering where the romance has gone?) Heehee. I love your entries!Shauneen