Friday, July 7, 2006

"The Storm is Out" a poem

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The Storm is Out

A poem dedicated to Guido and his ship captains

by natalie

The storm is out

Weathering gales and waves

Pounce on land

And beat on

the port

The young man

lifts his sea light

tries to gather in

exhasted seamen

on the wake

Men tug; they wrestle

with their ropes;


beyond hope that

No loads are lost

No ships get tossed

beyond the gale

A solitary captain

His mooring lost

Is thrust about

Beyond the bridge

and beyond the bay;away

he drifts;


the young man

flashes his sea light;

he wishes

the captain could

secure his ropes

and tighten

his sails

once again

After Thoughts:

Please visit Pharmolo (Guido) at his journal sites.

He has two:

Hi Natalie,


Thanks for all your comments.

The link to the journal about the November storm is







pharmolo said...

Far from silly, Natalie, you've captured the idea well


lurkynat said...

thanks Guido! And Cheers to you for a very interesting blog about an interesting place!

jlocorriere05 said...

Guido is a lovely person and has written extensively about the Western Isles where he is now living. Very good poem too! Jeannette xx  

sazzylilsmartazz said...


fisherkristina said...

Excellent!  You do Guido proud!


lurkynat said...

thanks Krissy and Dianna!
I feel so happy wiht your words! Imagine how Guido feels! :):):):)

helmswondermom said...