Saturday, July 8, 2006

The Kid Won at Ebay!

Google did the pcitures

Note: This entry is a followup on an older entry in which a child was fooled, unwittingly, by someone about some shoes he bought.)

The Kid Won at Ebay!


I wanted to report that I now like Ebay more than ever because my neighbor's kid was able to get his money back on a purchase for shoes that were not what was stated on the site.

Ebay has a great tool called feedback which allows for custommers to redeem their purchases by complaining to the seller ont he site and requesting a refund. If the seller wants a good rep, then he will bounce and give the person the money back!


Have you heard of this happening too?

Where do you like to shop and why?



cdittric77 said...

Hi Nat,
This happened to my brother when he purchased a Christmas gift for my father a few years ago. He was able to get the money back as well, which is always nice.

As for me, I shop online mostly at Amazon. They seem to have everything :).


sunnyside46 said...

I have never bought anything on line.

bgilmore725 said...

The only things I have bought online came from books. Great prices, used or new. And I've bought online memberships to a couple of websites for teachers. They are great resources. I've looked at eBay, but never bought or sold their yet. I've heard that once you start, it becomes habit forming! Bea

lurkynat said...

Dear Bea,
I did not realise that there were exceptional educational websites out there.. would you mind posting the subject and the addresses as well as your adress here?