Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Please Visit Monponsett and Joe and Offer Condolences

PLease visit Monponsett at: and offer

her your sympathies with the loss of her wonderful boss.

He met death suddenly and many people miss him.

His name was Bob Woolridge.

You can also offer support to Joe, Journals Editor at Magic Smoke:




princesssaurora said...


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monponsett said...

Thanks, Nat. Bob was actually a fan of yours, as he noticed you were big on commenting on everyone's journals.

I quote the man himself: "I heart lurkynat."

lurkynat said...

(blushes madly lol!:); silly!)
Smurfette I will be in the next group who will insist
that a Huge Bronze of you be placed next to the Duck bronze in Boston!
It will say: "To Smurfette; she has a heart as big as the Red Socks Stadium, a brain as big as the ocean, adn a soul as big as the World!"
Gotta' love ya Smurfette!