Friday, July 21, 2006

Eleven: Scalzi's assignment

Google did the pictures

Find Eleven of Anything: Document it and Write it up!

(Scalzi's assignment)

1. Walking home I saw eleven clouds.

2. Walking through the rooms at home, I saw eleven boxes.

3 We have eleven photos framed in the den.

4. This is a quote form John Scalzi's book "The Ghost Brigades", from page eleven:
"Cainen opened his mouth to respond and suddenly the floor launched itself up violently to meet him."

5.There are eleven bottles of Propel fitness water in the fridge.

6. I have eleven pieces of clothing in the laundry room.

7.This is a quote from Jane Goodall's book "Reasson for Hope", page 11:

"As a child I was not keen on going to school."

8.This is a quote from Scientific American Mind, a magazine, page 11:

"When three, four of five people gather to solve a problem, chances are they will succeed beyond the efforts of an equivalent number of peopel working separately."

9. There are eleven CDs in the kitchen.

10. Aliens prefer binar code: that's why it's so popular in  science fiction stories.

11.there are elelven spoons in the drawer.

There! Now it's your turn! Tell us about eleven of something!





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I always work best alone, myself.

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I have a lot more than 11 pieces of clothing in the laundry room!
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