Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Fractal Foundation:Teachers and Parents!It's For kids! It's Helpful! And It's free

Google assembled these pictures


Sunday science forums


March 2007

The Fractal Foundation; What do you think?:0

The Fractal Foundation thinks that if you start showing children those wonderful shapes as they appear in nature, they will begin to understand the shapes and value them more!

What do you think? :)

I still remember as a child and a teen being totally fascinated with fractal shapes and how they appear in Nature's design in a very harmonious format! Think if you will of tiny portions of algae growth or of ice.

Let us know what you think! TY!

ps you can obtain info by sending an email to :info@fractalfoundation.org



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klconard1 said...

Very interesting concept.  I always loved kaleidescopes as a child because of the varying shapes, colors and patterns.  I still like them lol.
loving you

kamdghwmw said...

When my children were young we would talk about everything even if the could not speak. If we were playing on the grass the n we would talk about it. I am not sure if it helped them or not.

monponsett said...

I relied heavily on free internet stuff when i was teaching.