Friday, September 30, 2005

Beach Walk

The sun was setting lower on the horizon...he took her hand and said "Come"

and they both crossed the busy road to the sidewalk and the beach...

Sunny walked uncomfortably, clumbsily tossing herself form one foot to another in order to enjoy the sensation of squishing the sand between her feet and listening better to Jake....the water wet the tips of her toes and she played hopscotch across the sand patterns...

"So..what did the doctors tell Jim about Lily?" he said nervously..a crack in her voice...

"Will she be getting alot stronger..or sre they not sure?"

Sunny did not want to ask Jake this last part....she pouted , placing her lower lip alittle further out than usual; alittle amd at the world because of Lily's predicament.

Jake was concentrating on the line of the horizon.He loved watchng the lovely hues of the red sunset stretch further out in the bay;draping the sailboats in russet hues of glory. He wondered silently if anyone had caught any fish on the dock earlier.

He palced his feet solidly one after the other in  rythmetic movement and he attempted to steady her gait by  lending support to her hand.

"Sunny?" he said. He looked over at her affectionately,stroking her face gently.

"You know we can't change Lily's life. We can only hope that her therapy makes changes in her chemistry. That's all."

"The docotrs are giving her fifty fifty odds, and every year she has to get tested again to see if it's still there."

She nods. "Yes I know." she says quietly.

She leans over , picks up some shells and puts them in her bag.

"I only wish we knew for sure that she will make it Jake.

She is only fourteen."

Tears flooded Sunny's eyes as she tried to look away.

Jake looked fondly in her eyes, drew her close to himself and kissed her in the mouth passionately and deeply.The seagulls sailed across the sky and the cool breeze blew the couple some relief from the sun.

Jake kneeled in the sand and kissed her belly button.The sand wrestled with his hair as she ruffled his hair and pulled him closer to her.

He stroked her nipples.She sighed.




sugar1337 said...

It is always sad to watch the young suffer...

lurkynat said...

yes this is true Nicole.You will be a great counselor of youth! nat

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bgilmore725 said...

You are working on a novel of your own? Hmm, the possibility intrigues.